Bjorn Borg Male Underwear Models: 2008 to Present

Bjorn Borg Mens Underwear Models. Questions of the Day (QOTDs): What brand of underwear does Santa Claus wear? Does he wear Calvin Kleins or Emporio Armani? Aussiebum or 2xist? Does he prefer established and mainstream fashion labels such as Dolce & Gabbana or does he like niche and newish brand names such as Politix? What about the kind of underwear that Santa likes? Is he a boxers daddy or does he like him some tight briefs? Surely, considering that he lives in the North Pole which is famous for its snowy skies and biting winds, he’d be more into longjohns or thermal underwear, right?

bjorn borg winter underwear for men

Well, not really! According to Bjorn Borg, the above image is proof a) that Santa likes him his boxer briefs and b) and that he prefers Bjorn Borg Underwear. This should not be surprising, no? After all, if you were Santa Claus, you’d also be opting for a brand from next door, right?

Anyhoo, since we haven’t blogged about male models in Bjorn Borg underwear for some time now, let’s take this opportunity to update you on the subject. Hehe.

Who’s the hunky guy below and the girl behind him? That dude, fellow UnderwearWatcher, is Christopher Wetmore while the gal is Klara Wester. The two headlined the advertising campaign for Bjorn Borg Underwear in the spring/summer of 2012.

bjorn borg mens underwear model - Christopher Wetmore with klara wester spring summer 2012

The following year, it was Jarrod Scott‘s turn to star in the Bjorn Borg Spring/Summer 2013 men’s underwear ad campaign. [Tidbit about Jarrod: He’s ranked by as the 19th top male model in MaleModeLandia. Here’s what the site says about him and his ranking: “Jarrod’s work with some of the top clients, from Givenchy to Vogue Homme International and Vogue Homme Japan is a surefire sign that this young Aussie will be a go to model for all things masculine.”

bjorn borg male underwear models

You thought Bjorn Borg only makes boxers and boxer briefs? Of course not, it also makes sexy briefs like this printed brriefs on British cutie Harry Goodwins who, like Jarrod above, is also ranked in’s Top 50 Male Models. (He’s currently #50.)

bjorn borg male underwear models - spring summer

One of the first guys who modeled Bjorn Born undies is Niklas Nilsson. Check him out in this “vintage” Fall/Winter 2008/2009 ad campaign.

bjorn borg male underwear models - niklas nilsson - fall winter 2008

Last but not the least in our list of male models wearing Bjorn Born underwear is “non-mainstream” actor Trystan Bull. Although he is more of an “adult model” rather than a fashion model, we are including him in our list because our friend Kevin (who loves him some Trystan) asked us to. Hehe.

bjorg borg mens underwear model trystan

Unanswered Question of the Day: Do you know this guy in this long johns underwear? If you do, please share the info in the comments so we can ID him properly in this post.

bjorn borg thermal underwear for men - male model

Bye for now, fellow Famewatchers. Want some thermals for the winter? Check out our earlier post on Thermal Long Johns Underwear.