Alberto de la Bella Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Calzoncillo y Sin Camisa

footballers in underwear ALBERTO DE LA BELLA for bikkembergs

We originally planned to include the above photo of Spanish footballer Alberto de la Bella in our earlier post Footballers in Underwear but we decided to make a lone blog post of his own because he is awesome as a male model. Seriously, check out this video of him which shows us that he’s pretty good on the runway.

Want more Alberto de la Bella underwear modeling photos for Bikkembergs? Here you go! By the way, for those of you asking, the Spanish word for underwear is “calzoncillo” if you want to refer specifically to men’s undies. The unisex or generic term would be “ropa interior”.

Obviously, Alberto wants us to take a peek at his calzoncillo.


The commentariat at Headbands and Heartbreak are love, love, loving him. Here’s what they are saying about the photo above:

  • Holy Jeebus! This one should have come with a warning banner: Too hot!! Take proper precautions to avoid dangerous rise in blood pressure.
  • Wow more men should look like this just wow I may actually be drooling.
  • Holy Bikkemberg!!!! If there’s a ridiculously large number of hits on this page…sorry its just me…;)

All we will say about the above comments is ditto, ditto, and ditto! Anyhoo, here’s our Alberto wearing a tank top shirt and a pair of tighty whitie Bikkembergs briefs underwear. [Want more Dirk Bikkembergs Underwear?]

alberto de la bella underwear model - dirk bikkembergs briefs4

For those of you who are not into football and are not familiar with Alberto he is, in the words of wikipedia, “a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Sociedad as a left back”.

How old is he? He is 28 years old. Send him a birthday gift on 02 December. Does he have a girlfriend? We don’t know. There’s nothing mentioned about his relationship in English language websites. Maybe those of you who speak Spanish will be more knowledgeable about his relationship status.

Update: Apparently he has a girlfriend. This one’s a Google Translation of an interview with Alberto published in

Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes. Come a little later, but it is also studying and will have to see how you can organize.

Oops, just noticed that the above interview is from far back as 2009. Maybe he no longer has a girlfriend? Girls can wish, can’t we?