Nikita Kuzmin Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dance Champion

Nikita Kuzmin Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dance Champion. Oh boy, we should have blogged about Nikita Kuzmin but we wasted our time watching Squid Game reaction videos on YouTube. Watching people from different parts of the world cry while watching episode 6 is kinda addicting, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, when we got over our addiction, we then wasted our time watching the Princess Switch movies on Netflix. But, Nikita is too hot to ignore so we eventually came around to writing this post. Hehe.

nikita kuzmin hot in sweatpants - lets dance germany rehearsal

For those of you not watching UK reality TV (or telly as the Brits call it), Nikita is one of the new professional dancers, including Kai Widdrington, who were introduced in this year’s edition of Strictly Come Dancing. The good looking 23-year-old Ukrainian hunk is partnered with TV presenter Tilly Ramsay who, for those of you wondering, is the daughter of foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay of Master Chef fame. Anyhoo, the pair are still very much in the competition and, who knows, they just might bring home the mirror ball trophy. Here are photos of Nikita and Tilly from their rehearsals and performances:

nikita kuzmin strictly pro

nikita kuzmin partner or girlfriend matilda ramsay

Actually, our Ukrainian dance pro has already brought home some trophies from the competitions he’s participated in. According to his wikipedia page, he “is the holder of 6 Italian Championship titles”.

nikita kuzmin lets dance champion

Nikita Kuzmin Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the Famewatchers among us who are fans of sculpted celebrities in barely there outfits so here are shirtless pics of Nikita. We grabbed these from his Instagram page which you should go follow @nikita__kuzmin.

nikita kuzmin girlfriend or not

nikita kuzmin underwear by hugo boss on instagram nikita__kuzmin

nikita kuzmin shirtless body

nikita kuzmin shirtless2

Nikita Kuzmin Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no information to answer these questions but, as we often do, we will update this post in the future once we do have the answers. For the time being here are fabulous pics of the award-winning professional dancer.

nikita kuzmin gay or straight

nikita kuzmin strictly come dancing pro

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