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Kelley Johnson Shirtless: Below Deck Star Update. It’s #ThrowbackSaturday so we are updating this post for the Famewatchers among us who are wondering what Kelley Johnson is doing these days? Remember him? He was the cute ex-marine who was serving as a bosun on one of the yachts of Below Deck. In our earlier post he was in a relationship with a girl named Carina but, apparently, the two have gone their separate ways.

kelley johnson below deck doing now

Well, so what’s our ex-marine doing these days? From the looks of it, he is enjoying the joys of singlehood. If you’ve been watching the show, you’d know that he left Below Deck on season four and is now the captain of a yacht according to Screen Rant. He’s also busy doing photography and videography which started as a hobby but it could turn into a professional business. Go check out his photos on Instagram @kelleywjohnson.

Did you know that he was in the pages of In Touch Weekly Magazine? Hawt, hawt, hawt!

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Kelley Johnson Gay or Girlfriend? (2 December 2016). The Below Deck star is straight and he’s got himself a girlfriend. Her name is Carina Hart. They’ve been dating for a few months now. Check out this adorable photo of Kelley and Carina. They sure look good together, don’t they?

kelley johnson girlfriend carina hart

So who is this lucky Kelley Johnson girlfriend who managed to snag the heart of our Bravo star? Well, thankfully for us who are curious, Monsters and Critics has some info on Carina: “Carina is a photographer, holistic expert and self-starter who is the owner and founder of her own health, wellness and fitness firm Holistic Hart. She set the firm up in October 2015, and is currently trying to grow it — including on her new website. She also runs Hart & Co Photography, taking pictures of everything from actor and model headshots, to architecture and landscapes. She studied Business Administration and Management at Baruch College, City University of New York, and later did a bachelor’s degree in Film/Television/Photography at City University of New York-Brooklyn College.”

Good luck to the lovebirds in their new relationship! [For more Bravo hunks, check out our post on Top Chef Sam Talbot.]

Kelley Johnson Shirtless Underwear Pick? When it comes to underwear preference our reality star loves him his boxer briefs underwear. Can you ID the label of what he’s wearing though? Looks like Lucky Brand but we are not 100% sure.

kelley johnson underwear boxer briefs

kelley johnson shirtless

Did you know that Kelley used to be with the Marine Corps? Some info about his Marine experience from his Below Deck profile on “Kelley’s brave and courageous spirit led him to join the Marine Corps as the tension in the Middle East was at its height. His commitment to excellence and strong leadership abilities enabled him to excel over the next four years while on active duty. He was part of the operation that helped rescue Captain Phillips and was selected with a small group to monitor and escort the Somali Pirate and turn him over to officials in Djibouti.”

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Let us end this photo with another Kelley Johnson shirtless photo because we can. Hehe.

kelley johnson below deck update

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