Nico Rosberg Watch: Rolex, IWC and Oris Watch

Nico Rosberg Watch: Rolex, IWC and Oris Watch. Apparently, while we were not looking, our imaginary F1 boyfriend Nico Rosberg retired from Formula 1 after he was crowned champion in 2016.

Awww, we know the retirement happened years ago but we still felt a tinge of sadness when we learned about it. He’s too young! He’s got more championship years ahead of him. But, then again, we are not Nico and we gotta respect his decision. We also agree with three-time Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart who commended Nico for retiring on his own terms.

From the Telegraph: “Sir Jackie Stewart has described Nico Rosberg’s decision to retire suddenly from Formula One at the age of 31 as ‘courageous and wise’, noting that the German did not lose ‘a drop of blood’ from his body and retired on his own terms, as world champion.

The British paper quotes Stewart as saying: “I think it’s great news. Very few drivers have had the courage to do what Nico has done. Or the wisdom. To come through without a drop of blood off his body, to win the world title, and then to say ‘that’s it, I’m done’. I just think it’s terrific.”

Anyhoo, since this original post is about Nico’s watch we should note that in 2017 or a year after his retirement, IWC Schaffhausen released the Ingenieur Chronograph “Tribute to Nico Rosberg” to honor the F1 world champion. Check it out:

nico rosberg iwc Schaffhausen

Want more celebrity watches?

nico rosberg iwc watch2

nico rosberg iwc watch

In 2018, he signed a deal with Rolex to become one of its celebrity spokesmodels.

nico rosberg rolex watch spokesmodel2

Nico with fellow former racers and current Rolex celebrity spokesmodels, Sir Jackie Stewart and Mark Webber.

nico rosberg rolex watch spokesmodel3

Nico Rosberg Oris Watch (23 August 2010). Want more Swiss luxury wristwatches? Well, here’s Formula One driver Nico Rosberg and his Oris Watch. Nico races under the German flag in Formula One but he competed for Finland during the early part of his career. Apparently, our Nico is a dual citizen for these two countries.

nico rosberg oris

Anyhoo, check out Nico’s limited edition Oris watch. For other celebrities wearing Oris watches, check out Venezuelan diver Carlos Coste.

nico rosberg oris watch

nico rosberg oris

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