Michelle Obama Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise Ladies Watch

Michelle Obama Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise Ladies Watch. What brand of watch does U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama wear? According to the article above, she’s wearing a Cartier Tank Francaise in the photo which, incidentally, is her first official portrait as First Lady.

You wanna read what the magazine is saying about the above Michelle Obama watch? Well, here’s a closer look at what the article says.

And here’s a closer look at Michelle and her Cartier Tank Francaise.

Michelle Obama watch cartier

Now, if it’s the watch you’d like to inspect more closely, here’s a closer look at the Michelle Obama watch.

Michelle Obama watch cartier tank francaise

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Michelle Obama: Vogue Magazine Cover Girl? (posted 26 January 2009). Michelle as a Vogue cover girl? We like the idea.

WWD Media reports: “Speaking of the new administration, it appears Vogue has finally landed First Lady Michelle Obama for a cover — and it could be out in the next few weeks. Thank Obama’s hairdresser for confirming the news: Frédéric Fekkai stylist Johnny Wright this week inked a deal with television production company 44 Blue, which produces reality shows such as Style Network’s “Split Ends.” The news reports on the deal said Wright ‘has styled the First Lady’s coif for the Democratic National Convention, her upcoming appearance on the cover of Vogue magazine and other occasions’.”

Understandably, this was meant to be a secret but someone’s tongue slipped and told someone who then told another one until the secret became a public secret (if there’s such a thing).

Anyways, we’re looking forward to Michelle’s Vogue photos. We’re sure they will be great.

Ikram Goldman, Michelle Obama’s Fashion Guru (posted 12 February 2009). There’s an interesting article by the NY Times on the person behind Michelle Obama’s fashion style.

An excerpt: “Despite the close study that people have made of Mrs. Obama’s style, it is not known that her wardrobe is being managed largely by a boutique owner in Chicago. Ikram Goldman, whose store is called Ikram, has played an unprecedented role since the election, serving as gatekeeper between the fashion industry and the first lady. All details regarding the making of Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe for the inaugural were overseen by Ms. Goldman, who kept designers in the dark about whether their outfit would be chosen.”

Read the rest.

Cherie Blair’s Memo to Michelle Obama (posted 16 February 2009). What? The wife of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair (aka George W. Bush’s poodle) is giving advice to Michelle Obama? Hmmm. Honestly, we still don’t know what to think of this.

The Daily Mail reports: “Cherie Blair has been dishing out advice to First Lady Michelle Obama – and warned her she faces having her views silenced. In an astonishing article entitled ‘memo to Michelle’ the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair dispenses her views on how the First Lady should act now she is in the White House. She tells Harvard-educated Mrs Obama that she cannot be seen to ‘have power’ and that her primary role is to support her husband.”

We sure hope this advice is not unsolicited because we are annoyed of the growing number of people (including those from the left) telling the Obamas what to do and what not to do. Give the guy, and his family, a break. He didn’t become President by being clueless. Similarly, Michelle isn’t also a clueless woman who needs to be told to “get it”.

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