Erik Rhodes Shirtless, Twin Brother, and Final Update

Erik Rhodes Shirtless, Twin Bro, and Final Update. What a sad day! Our imaginary muscle beau Erik Rhodes passed away yesterday, 14 June 2012. He was only 30 years old. He was always fun to watch. And we thank him for bringing joy to our lives. Thank you, Erik. You will always be in our hearts.

erik rhodes shirtless

In closing this final update, let’s remember the moment when Erik, one of our favorite adult actors, shared the stage with Kathy Griffin, one of our favorite Hollywood divas.

erik rhodes shirtless with kathy griffin

Erik Rhodes, RIP, 1982-2012.


Erik Rhodes Twin Brother
Update: 02 July 2011.

This update is for those of you who are asking about what Erik Rhodes is doing these days. It appears that he continues to appear in adult-themed movies the latest of which is What Goes Around a Falcon movie where our Eric co-stars with other hunks such as Angelo Marconi, Dayton O’Connor, Topher DiMaggio, Parker London, and Jeremy Bilding.

Eric Rhodes Twin Brother: By the way, did you know that Eric has a twin brother who is straight? Here’s a picture of the twins with a random dude which Eric posted on his Myspace page:

Sometimes, people confuse his brother for Erik. Here’s what our Erik said in response to a fan who asked whether people confused one for the other:

Question: Have would-be fans ever confused your twin brother for you?
Erik: Actually, yes. Recently a couple people said they saw me at Penn Station… Thats my brother, heading back to long island from work

Erik Rhodes Blogs: One of the things we like about Erik is the fact that he maintains a blog where he tells us more about himself as well as his work in the industry he’s in. He’s candid about his recreational drug use, his depression, and other things. We wish him well and we hope things get better for him. Check him out at as well as in [Sorry, we can’t link to the blogs for fear that Google will punish us.]

Awards: Our Erik has won him some awards such as the Grabby Best Versatile Performer 2008 as well as the Grabby Best Actor 2008 for The Ivy League (Tie with Jason Ridge). Good for him. We hope he wins more awards in the future.

By the way, the name of Erik Rhodes’ twin brother is Jon Naughtin. And, in case you are wondering, Erik’s real name or non-stage name is James Naughtin.

Lastly, here’s a photo of Erik and his twin brother.

erik rhodes twin brother

Erik Rhodes Shirtless Underwear Model
7 April 2009

erik rhodes shirtless hot2

Look who’s got himself a nice tighty whitie briefs? It’s our imaginary boyfriend man Eric Rhodes. Nice undies you’ve got their Eric. And you’ve got a nice behind too. More Erik Rhodes shirtless pic after the jump.

erik rhodes shirtless as a boxer

So which of the above is your favorite Erik Rhodes shirtless photo? Tell us in the comments. Want more male models and celebrities in tighty whitie underwear? Then you should go check out NFL footballer Tom Brady and male model Brandon Myles.