Kunal Nayyar Underwear: Briefs or Boxers

Kunal Nayyar Underwear: Briefs or Boxers. We love Big Bang Theory on CBS. Okay, we hate most of the characters but we love the show. Why don’t we like the characters, you ask? Well, Sheldon is super-annoying. Leonard is a doormat who lets Sheldon have his way 99% of the time. Howard is less annoying that Sheldon but that’s like saying Winnipeg is less cold than Saskatoon. But Raj? We love Raj? He’s cute, kinda shaggable, and is a pretty normal dude other than his shyness with women.

When we’re watching the show we occasionally go, “Hmmm, Raj looks good in tight pants. Looks like he’s the most packed down there among the four of them.” You know how our mind wander sometimes. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, Kunal Nayyar stripped down to his briefs underwear and went on to go au natural in one episode of The Big Bang Theory. Here are some still photos of Kunal Nayyar in his tighty whities from said episode courtesy of superherofan.

Why is the woman oh-so-shocked while staring at Kunal’s downstairs area? The classic reaction of someone surprised by a big snake. Hehehe.

kunal nayyar underwear briefs

More of Kunal’s backside.

kunal nayyar underwear briefs

And from the front.

kunal nayyar briefs big bang

What brand of underwear is he wearing? Looks like a pair of Calvin Klein to us but it could be another brand. [For celebrities wearing CK undies, check out our posts on Men’s Calvin Klein Underwear.] Surely Kunal wears other brands too. Check him out in the pic below with a Polo Ralph Lauren underwear peeking from his low waist trousers.

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Now, having checked out Kunal in his undies, its time for you to know some facts about him such as:

How much does he make in Big Bang Theory? According to celebritynetworth.com, Kunal makes US$100,000 per episode of Big Bang Theory. The same site states that his net worth is approximately US$5 million.

Is Kunal Nayyar gay? His Big Bang character, Rajesh Koothrappali, is usually assumed by others as gay but both Kunal and the character he plays is not gay. But Raj did make out with Howard in Big Bang Theory.

Does Kunal have a girlfriend or a wife? Yes, he’s got a wife — Miss India 2006 winner Neha Kapur. The two got married six months ago in December 2011. Check out there wedding pics below.

Looks like Kunal is a member of the Tom Cruise Club (composed of husbands who are shorter than their wives).

Kunal Nayyar Underwear: Briefs or Boxers. Famous Asian Hunks.