Sebastian Vettel’s Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses & Celebrity Oakley Eyewear

Mens Oakley Sunglasses: Celebrity Fashion Style. You’ve seen his fabulous Oakley Scalpel Iridium Sunglasses, now check out Sebastian Vettel’s equally fab Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses. Our favorite German racecar driver sure is looking badass in them glasses, no?

sebastian vettel oakley

Lookin’ good, Sebastian.

sebastian vettel oakley frogskin

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Oakley Mens Scalpel Iridium Sport Sunglasses on Sebastian Vettel (10 October 2010). Who’s that guy behind them fabulous Oakley Mens Scalpel Iridium Sport Sunglasses? That guy, fellow Famewatcher, is German Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel. He won the Chinese Grand Prix as we reported last year. And, very recently, he beat the competition in last Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix.

mens oakley sunglasses sebastian vettel

Expect to see more of Sebastian and his Oakley sunglasses in the future.

mens oakley sunglasses sebastian vettel


Oakley Penny Sunglasses: James Marsden in X-Men (07 August 2010). Oakley Penny Sunglasses for James Marsden. We already know that our movie boyfriend James Marsden is wearing a Belstaff racing blouson leather jacket in X-Men: The Last Stand, but them really cute and awesome sunglasses what brand is it?

mens oakley sunglasses james marsden xmen

James aka our imaginary boyfriend is rockin’ his Oakley.

mens oakley sunglasses james marsden

Well dearie, our James is wearing a pair of Oakley Penny Sunglasses. Yes, it’s weirdly cute and badass at the same time but we’d like it better if James ditch them glasses. Why, you ask? Duh, we’d rather see his beautiful blue eyes, you know.


Mens Oakley Sunglasses: Zac Efron, Celebrity Surfer Dude (16 February 2010). According to our friend Deena, Zac Efron’s hotness went up 1000x in the hotness meter when he wore his Oakley glasses. Do you agree with her? Sure, sunglasses can do wonders for a guy’s image but increasing their hotness by a thousand times? That’s too good to be true isn’t it.

Mens Oakley Sunglasses: Celebrity Fashion Style. Posted 16 February 2010. Updated 27 May 2017.