Finn Wittrock Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

Finn Wittrock Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. Huh, for the longest time, we always thought of Finn as an Australian but we just found out today that he’s actually American. Now, why did we mistakenly think he’s an Aussie? Maybe because we first became aware of the guy when we saw photos of him and other dudes floating off the Australian coast in the Angelina Jolie movie Unbroken? Finn also exudes that quiet manliness that Aussie and Kiwi actors are known for, you know, the kind of guys who don’t have to strut around and swagger to prove that they are manly men. Haha.

Anyhoo, we’re excited because Finn is back on TV this year on the Netflix series Ratched which starts streaming this September. He’s also going back to American Horror Story for the show’s upcoming tenth season.

More shirtless and underwear photos of our American hunk for the thirsty hos among us:

finn wittrock shirtless body semper fi

finn wittrock smoking hot body

finn wittrock underwear american horror story

finn wittrock underwear workout

Finn Wittrock Underwear (White Briefs). Yay! It’s been some time since we blogged about a male celebrity wearing white briefs so we were delighted to come across these photos of 30-year-old actor Finn Wittrock.

These still photos are from an episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, where he played the role of serial killer Dandy Mott. Doing push-ups in his briefs? Awesome! But you gotta remember that he’s playing a sadistic character. [Sorry, we had to delete the images.]

With hustler Andy (played by Mat Bomer), who Dandy Mott murders on the 5th episode, Pink Cupcakes.

Finn’s performance as a deadly sociopath in AHS caught the attention of the audience and critics alike. In fact, he nabbed a Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Critics’ Choice Television Awards for his performance in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Let’s hope our fingers crossed that he’ll walk home with the trophy.

Who knows, with the eclectic roles he’s been playing, he might win some major awards someday (maybe an Oscar?). According to Out Magazine he “played lots of characters on the fringe of society: a man who dies of AIDS and has his body dumped in a dumpster (The Normal Heart); a male prostitute (Master of S*x); an isolated, sociopathic murderer (AHS: Freak Show); a gigolo (Sweet Bird of Youth)”.

Here’s Finn as a hustler in Masters. The older guy is Beau Bridges, in case you are wondering.

finn wittrock gay hustler masters of sex beau bridges

And here’s our Finn as the gigolo Chance Wayne in Sweet Bird of Youth, a stage play.

finn wittrock gay hustler masters of sex beau bridges

Meantime, here’s Finn as an AIDS patient in The Normal Heart.

And, finally, here’s Finn as Francis “Mac” McNamara in Unbroken, the World War II movie directed by Angelina Jolie.

finn wittrock shirtless unbroken

Finn Wittrock Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to Sarah Roberts. They tied the knot last October 2014. Here’s the happy couple during the premiere of Unbroken last December 2014. The couple are now proud parents to son their Jude who was born last March 2019.

finn wittrock wife sarah roberts

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