Mens Khaki Pants: Celebrities Wearing Khaki Pants

Mens Khaki Pants: Celebrities Wearing Khaki Pants. Superstar Brad Pitt goes around town in an all-khaki outfit: khaki slacks, khaki jacket, and a khaki-colored pair of shoes! We shouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he’s wearing khaki-colored underwear, eh? By the by, it seems like our Brad is really loving him his unsightly beard, no? It’s been months since he looked clean-shaven so it seems like the beard is going to be for keeps. If he gains 150 pounds, he’s gonna be a good fit for a Santa Claus role.

mens khaki pants brad pitt

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Mark Wahlberg in Mens Khaki Pants
03 June 2009

mens khaki pants mark wahlberg

Now, this is why we love us our khaki-wearing Mark Wahlberg. He’s not too “dainty” to relieve himself in the bushes. Now, that’s a man’s man.

celebrities wearing mens khaki pants

What? You’d rather see Mark Wahlberg’s underwear than see him peeing like a dog in a public place? Well, we’ve got that too! Here’s Mark in his white underwear and a dog that’s clearly interested in seeing what’s inside them Mark tighty whities! Way to go, doggie!



Sexy Guys in Khaki Pants: Wentworth Miller and Luke McFarlane
04 October 2009

mens khaki pants wentworth miller

One day, Hollywood hunks Wentworth Miller and Luke McFarlane decided to stroll down some street in Hollywoodland dressed in their khaki pants. Not surprisingly, this “event” sent some tongues wagging with questions like, “Are they lovers? Is it a bromance? Is this Wentworth’s way of coming out? Are Luke and Wentworth sitting on a tree?” and many other similar questions.

luke macfarlane mens khaki pants

mens khaki pants

So, do we know the answers to those questions? No we don’t. It would be great if they are an item because they look good together but we really don’t know. And, truth be told, we don’t care either.

But we do care about the fact that they’re wearing khaki pants which is our second favorite kind of pants after skinny jeans.


Dockers Khaki Trousers and V Neck Shirt: Noah Mills, Male Model
09 January 2010

celebrity mens khaki pants

American male model Noah Mills is looking good in his Dockers khaki pants. The great thing with khaki is that it gives you a really clean look especially if you pair it off with a white shirt as Noah is doing here. It’s clean, stylish, and sexy.


Stylish Ryan Kwanten is Shirtless in Khaki Trousers
28 May 2010

mens khaki pants celebrity fashion

We are fans of Ryan Kwanten and we love us some khaki pants, so it’s not surprising that we love, love, love this shirtless photo of the True Blood star wearing a pair of khaki trousers. Cool, eh?

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