Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboy, Low Rise, Blue Denims

Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboys in Low Rise Denims (first posted 4 October 2009, updated). Who says only Asian male models and Jake Gyllenhaal can wear low rise jeans? Not this couple for sure.

And, get this, it looks like they are cowboys too. Which should make Anne Proulx very happy because these two guys sure look like the real-life version of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist. Okay, let’s make that the real-life model version of Jack and Ennis, the ill-fated lovers of Brokeback Mountain.

gay men in jeans cowboys low rise

Anyhoo, if you are that kind of person who’s got a “thing” for cowboys, you might want to check out the following: this cowboy in his jeans and white undies, America’s dancing cowboys, Ryan Philippe going Brokeback shirtless, and pretend cowboy Vladimir Putin. These should be sufficient to satisfy your “thing” for cowboys, no?

Now, if you are more interested in gay men in jeans then here are some blog posts we wrote about them:

Men in Jeans Go Shirtless: Max Veneziano and Erik Flower (06 April 2009). Want men wearing tight denim jeans without their shirt on? Here’s hunky muscle men Max Veneziano and Erik Flower googly eyeing each other. How cute. You gotta love their ab muscles and well-defined chest, eh? Who’s the hotter man, Max or Erik?

gay men in jeans male models

BONUS: Wanna know how Erik Flower got himself some awesome muscles and bulging biceps? He does weight workouts, of course! So lifting dumbbells got him his washboard abs? Most likely not. To get yourself some six-pack abs, you have to do a lot of stomach crunches not lifting weights.

erik flower workout

erick flower biceps workout

Check out this video from a fitness instructor on how to get six-packs. Follow those instructions religiously and you are going to have muscles as good as Eric’s. Seriously.

Danny Roddick and Josh Weston Sitting on a Tree (18 January 2009). Speaking of cute guys named Danny, here’s a picture of the late American adult actor Danny Roddick with Josh Weston. Danny really is a beautiful guy. Its our loss that he left us early.

danny roddick hot gay men in jeans

Danny as a cowboy. Want more hot men in jeans?

gay men in jeans danny roddick cowboy low rise

cowboy denim jeans

And Josh Weston in his bootcut jeans.

cowboy jeans gay josh weston

Who’s the cuter between Danny and Josh? No contest, it’s Danny all the way. RIP, Danny Roddick.

Gay Guys in Jeans: Danny Saradon (05 August 2008). Is there anything hotter than a man in a pair of jeans stretching his legs while lying in bed? Well, we seriously can’t think of any. What about you? Do you think anyone can beat Czech “model” Danny Saradon in the gorgeousness department? You gotta admit that he does look great in them stretchy jeans, no? And its great that he is having fun.

gay men in jeans danny saradon

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