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Mena Massoud Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. Since we first blogged about him in 2017 for bagging the coveted role of Aladdin, our Canadian actor has gone on to star in more movies and TV shows. To date, he’s got a total of 28 acting credits to his name per IMDB. His latest acting gig is the Netflix movie, The Royal Treatment, where he played a prince. And he’ll be playing another princely role when he stars in the upcoming Aladdin II. Yup, they are making a sequel.

Anyhoo, we are updating this post not only to note that the actor has made it on Hollywood but also to bring you these shirtless pics of the guy for the thirsty hos among us. Haha. We grabbed these images from his Insta which you might want to follow @menamassoud.

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Mena Massoud underwear boxer shorts

Mena Massoud shirtless

Oh, by the way, Mena has a girlfriend now. Her name is Emily Shah and she is also in the acting biz. Here’s a photo of the cozy lovebirds attending an event.

Mena Massoud girlfriend emily shah

Mena Massoud Shirtless, Girlfriend, Body Workout, Fashion Style (10 November 2017). Are suspenders still in style in 2017? Of course it is, otherwise Mena Massey won’t be wearing one in the photo below, no? Besides, didn’t we mention in the past that suspenders will always be in style so long as people will be wearing pants. Hehe. What’s important is to not wear your suspenders with a belt because you’d be committing fashion crime #1. Want more celebrity suspenders?

Mena Massoud fashion

Now, who is Mena Massey? Well, he is a Canadian-Egyptian actor who’s been cast as Aladdin in the live-movie version of desert fairy tale that you’ve grown to love when you were a kid. For the movie, Mena will be acting alongside the likes of Hollywood bigwig Will Smith (who’ll be playing the genie), Marwan Kenzari, and Naomi Scott. Here’s a cast photo taken when they were shooting the movie.

Mena Massoud girlfriend

Aside from Aladdin, Mena is going to star in the Amazon TV series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan where he’ll be playing the friend of the lead character Jack Ryan played by John Krasinski.

Mena Massey Girlfriend? He will have a girlfriend in Aladdin, Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott), but does Mena have a girlfriend in real life? We do not know at this point but we will update this post in the future when we find out more about the up-and-coming actor’s relationship status.

Mena Massey Shirtless Body Workout. Looking for Mena Massey shirtless photos? Well, check these pics which we grabbed from his Instagram account. You can follow him on Instagram @menamassey.

Mena Massoud aladdin shirtless

This is how you sculpt your body, man.

Mena Massoud shirtless

After four months, from July to November 2017, we can see a very noticeable change in Mena’s physique. If he continues working out for a few more months, he can give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money. Nah, not really. It will take years to get Hemsworth’s Thor look. And Hemsworth has the natural bulky build too which Mena does not possess.

Mena Massoud body workout before and after

Mena on the red carpet.

Mena Massoud style fashion

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