Andy Favreau Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Andy Favreau Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. This is our second post in a week which is prompted by our binging of Grace and Frankie. So we were watching the 12th episode of the show and this guy named Stuart, who’s supposedly a venture capitalist, visits Brianna to hear her pitch a business proposal. While we were watching the scene we were like, “That gorgeous dude looks familiar! And, damn, does he look good in that suit!”

Andy Favreau stuart grace and frankie

Turns out that the venture capitalist guy is Andy Favreau who we first saw in the Mindy Kaling show, Champions, which lasted for only one season on NBC. Anyhoo, we thought we already blogged about the hunky actor back when we first saw him in Champions but it turns out that we actually did not. So we took out our laptop and began writing this post because our task, as some of you very well know, is to write about guys who look good in a suit. Haha. Seriously, the guy’s got impeccable taste!

Andy Favreau hot in suit

Andy Favreau hot in suit2

Oh, he looks good when he’s wearing nothing but his underoos too or when he’s going for the shirtless-in-jeans look as you can see in the screencaps below from The Mick and Animal Kingdom where he has a love scene with co-star Jake Weary. We’d post some images of him getting it on with Jake but we do not like to defy Grandma Akita. Haha.

Andy Favreau gay in animal kingdom with Jake Weary

Andy Favreau shirtless in jeans

Andy Favreau underwear in the mick

Andy Favreau underwear

Andy Favreau Gay or Straight? He may have bumped uglies with Jake Weary on national television but our hunky Andy is straight in real life. And he’s a married man too having tied the knot with actress Molly McQueen in 2019. Here are photos of the couple we grabbed from their Instagram accounts (follow them @andyfavs and @mollymcqueen1).

andy favreau wedding to molly mcqueen

andy favreau wife molly mcqueen

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Andy is the younger brother of Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau. Damn, such good looking bros!

Andy Favreau brother jon favreau

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