Mens Leather Pants: Leather Leggings For Guys With Style

Mens Leather Pants: Leather Leggings For Men With Style. This post is for those of you looking for designer leather leggings for men. Apparently, leather leggings are all the rage these days so designers are coming up with outfits like these to fulfill the demand. First, here are some pretty boys all in a row wearing leather “meggings” by Givenchy for its Fall/Winter Menswear collection.

mens leather pants by givenchy

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The next in our list of mens leather pants is this black leggings from English designer Neil Barrett’s Spring Summer collection. Who says you can’t wear leather in summer? Certainly not Neil and his fans.

mens leather pants neil barrett collection

Next, check out these tight outfits from the menswear collections of Gucci and Alexander McQueen.

mens leather pants gucci

Finally, we don’t know the designer who made these colored leather pants but these are what we’d like to add to our closet. We particularly love the blue leggings. It’s beyond fabulous.

mens blue leather pants

So which of the above designer mens leather pants is your favorite? We won’t be surprised if you, like us, are also loving the blue one.


Original Post: Is this Lindsay Lohan?
11 January 2010

mens leather pants - lindsay lohan

Have we got more photos of male celebs wearing mens leather pants? You betcha! We sure do. Although in this case, we are not sure if the guy above is a “celeb”. Maybe he is. After all, he is in the company of The Lindsay Lohan, so he must be some kind of a celebrity.

Anyhoo, want more men in leather pants? Check out the bald hunk Vin Diesel, Adam Lambert and his then boyfriend Drake, and Tom Welling although in this case we are not sure if it’s just a photoshopped pic.

By the by, is that a leather legging the dude in the pic is wearing? And is that really Lindsay Lohan in the photo?

Mens Leather Pants: Leather Leggings For Men With Style posted 8 July 2011. Updated 3 April 2017.