Matteo Renzi Shirtless Photos: Hot or Not?

When we first came across Matteo Renzi on the internets, the first thought that came to mind was, “Are you sure he’s a politician and not an actor or model?” The dude sure is good looking, dreamy, sexy, and hotter than hot. His hotness meter rose all the way to the top when he became the Prime Minister of Italy. Sure we are going to miss the goofiness, the scandals, and the hair transplant of Silvio Berlusconi but it is an excellent trade if, contra Berlusconi, we are getting a handsome and boyish Italian hunk in return.

matteo renzi vanity fair cover

Of course! Our Matteo is going to give us some sexy beautiful shirtless photos to add to the posters in our bedroom, right?

Eh! Not really! At least not for for now. Here are some shirtless photos of the new Italian Prime Minister which tells us that he should hit the gym and work out.

matteo renzi torso nudo

President Obama (52 years old) is much younger than Matteo (39 years old) but the former looks better shirtless than the latter. Right?


Heck, we hate to admit it because we don’t want to give credit to Russian President Vladimir Putin but the balding 61 year old is in better shape than our Matteo.


What gives, Prime Minister? Don’t let Obama and Putin outrank you in the “hotness” department. Come on now, you’ve got model good looks and youth on your side but you’ve got some flabby midsection. Time to emulate these Older Men With Washboard Abs and hit the gym. Hehehe.

Now, although we are kinda underwhelmed with Renzi’s shirtlessness, we’re hopeful that he will be in fighting shape soon with sixpack abs and firm muscles and hard bulges in all the right places (we’re referring to his biceps, okay?).

Anyhoo, although we are not currently impressed with his physique, we must say that we are liking how our Matteo is leading Italy so far. What about you?