Male Models Wearing Long Underwear

Male Models Wearing Long Underwear. Who of these male models wearing long johns is your favorite? Who would you eff, marry, kill? Who would you bring home to mama? Tell us in the comments. Now, if you are more interested in the cost of long johns underwear, then go check out our post on Long Johns Price Guide. Anyhoo, let’s start our list with:

Mariano Ontañon. This Argentine male model is listed by as one of the Top 50 Male Models of the World. He used to be a rugby player but he decided to focus on his modeling instead. The decision has paid off nicely for Mariano.

Mariano Ontañon long johns underwear

Diego Amaral. Did Brazilian male model Diego Amaral start the “underwear as outerwear” trend which was the rage a few years ago?

long john underwear for men - winter underwear photos

Brett Hollands. Canadian male model Brett Hollands pose outdoors in advertising campaign for the Jockey label. Question: Is he wearing a onesie? Our friend Deena insists it is but we think Brett is wearing two separate garments — a body fit shirt and a long johns underwear. What say you JockeyWatchers?

jockey thermal underwear for handsome men

David Beckham. Are we ever going to write a post on men’s fashion — from underwear to leather jackets to skinny jeans — without mentioning David Beckham? He sure has conquered the world of fashion. Check him out modeling H&M long johns underwear.

david beckham long johns for hm

David Gandy. The only other guy who may be bigger than David Beckham in the world of men’s fashion is his British namesake, David Gandy. Here’s the biggest male supermodel of the world wearing a pair of long johns by Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana.

latest long johns underwear for men - David Gandy by Paul Wetherell for 10 Men Magazine - dolce gabbana

Erasmo Viana. Like Diego Amaral, our next male model wearing long johns underwear is also from Brazil. There must be something in the water down there because that the country keeps on producing gorgeous guys like Erasmo and Diego.


Vladimir Ivanov. Last but not the least in our list of 7 Male Models Wearing Long Underwear is Russian male model Vladimir Ivanov. Ain’t he looking hawt in his white John Galliano longjohns?


That’s it for now, fellow UnderwearWatchers. So have you picked the male model you’d like to bring home to mama? Tell us in the comments.

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