Daren Kagasoff Facts and Stuff

What is Daren Kagasoff’s underwear of choice? Boxers or briefs. Huh, is the choice really limited between these two? Maybe he prefers a G-string bikini underwear (wouldn’t that be cool, a celebrity who opts for G-strings?) or maybe his underwear of choice is long johns underwear. But then again, it would get pretty hot down there if you wear long johns everywhere you go, no?

NOTE: Daren’s revealing underwear photos have been moved to our gallery check it out: Daren Kagasoff Briefs Underwear.

Anyhoo, our Daren who currently star in the television show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, apparently prefers briefs. How do we know this? Well, because he had a photoshoot with VMan magazine and he was wearing sexy and tight pairs of briefs. See the photo above. Well, okay, okay, that’s only for a photoshoot and we don’t really know the underwear style that our Daren likes. We’ll just imagine him wearing jockstrap underwear is what we’ll do. What about that?

Who wants to jump in bed with the yummy Daren?

Now, before you think we’re only about shirtless men in bed or male celebrity underwear, well we’re kinda like that here, but we are also about appreciating well dressed guys like Darren in these photos:



By the by, if you’re not that familiar with this hunk, here’s more info we culled from wikipedia:

  • Daren is the middle child of a designer and a wholesale diamond dealer (does this mean his family is rich?)
  • He is of Russian descent and is Jewish
  • He was born in Encino, California, went to San Francisco State University, then moved to Los Angeles when he decided to become an actor.
  • He was hand-picked by Brenda Hampton to star as Ricky Underwood in the ABC Family television series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
  • Daren likes to become the next Leonardo DiCaprio and Emile Hirsch.


Male Celebrities in Calvin Klein Underwear: Daren Kagasoff, VMan Magazine
02 May 2010

We’ve already posted some underwear photos of Daren Kagasoff, but lets have two more pics of His Hunkiness in his Calvin Klein underwear.

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Okay, the last one isn’t really a “celebrity” but he is kinda controversial and he does wear Calvin Klein undies so you Calvin fans will find him interesting. Hehe.

NOTE: Daren’s revealing underwear photos have been moved to our gallery check it out: Daren Kagasoff Briefs Underwear.