Jed Hill Football Jock as Underwear Model: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jed Hill Football Jock as Underwear Model. Holy canoly. What a total hottie. This hunk of a man, Jed Hill, was reportedly a football athlete before he turned to modeling. What’s his position when he played football? He was a tight end in both his high school (Struthers High School in Ohio) as well as in college (Penn State University). His full name is Jedidiah James Hill and, while at Penn State, he majored in crime, law and justice.

jed hill football player

Damn. Can we jump in bed with this guy?

jed hill football jock underwear model

Aren’t you glad he became a model? We gotta admit that we are! He is such an eye candy. Here are some modeling pics of our football jock.

jed hill shirtless

Shirtless in Adidas gym pants.

jed hill gay or girlfriend

Jed rocking his Nike Pro underwear.

jed hill gay

Want more photos of this gorgeous man? Well, here you go.

jed hill football model

And here’s our favorite Jed Hill shirtless modeling photo which shows him with Michael Radon. Photographed by Michael Downs.

jed hill shirtless

Jed Hill Gay or Girlfriend (30 May 2011 update): Some of you are asking, via Google Search, whether Jed Hill is gay. The answer? We don’t know. He’s a gorgeous, beautiful, sexy man who packs his underwear but that doesn’t mean that he’s gay!

Some of you are also asking whether Jed Hill has a girlfriend. The answer? We also don’t know. But according to the internets (so take this information with a grain of salt), he dated a girl named Jessica Jourdan.

Now, according to the internets, this beautiful lady who really looks like she’s the right girl for our handsome Jed Hill, is actually a transgender (or transexual). He was a man who became a woman via the wonders of surgery.

It’s not clear whether Jed knew that he was dating a transgender. According to one internetter, he didn’t know that she was born a man and so he immediately dumped her when he found out. According to another internetter, he knew about Jessica’s transformation and is “very much in love with her”.

We don’t know the truth, okay. But it would be sad if he didn’t know and then dumped her when he found out the truth. What would you do if you were in his position?

Jed Hill Football Jock as Underwear Model: Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 20 April 2009. Updated 30 May 2011.