Mahdi Cocci Shirtless Body, Underwear Model, Girlfriend

Mahdi Cocci Shirtless Body, Part II. Hah. This is the earliest update we’ve done on this blog. Ordinarily, we only make updates after around five years but we are updating this post in only after four months.

Why are we doing it then? Well, first, to bring you more shirtless photos of Mahdi aka our imaginary boyfriend and, second, to encourage you to follow him on Instagram (@mahdicocci).

Oh, apparently, his show on BET (Bruh) must have done well in the ratings because they are shooting more episodes according to Deadline.

Mahdi Cocci shirtless body

Mahdi Cocci shirtless bruh

Mahdi Cocci Shirtless Body, Underwear Model, Girlfriend (6 May 2020). Today in Hot Men in Uniform we bring you former US Navy Lieutenant turned actor model Mahdi Cocci who will be starring in the BET comedy series Bruh.

According to the BET media release for the show, our hunky imaginary boyfriend will be playing the role of a doctor named Tom Brooks. The show starts airing tomorrow so you better check it out.

hot men in navy uniform - Mahdi Cocci

More about Mahdi from

MAHDI COCCI was born in Minneapolis, MN, and was raised by his mother, Stephanie. Education was always emphasized growing up, and Mahdi earned a full Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. He put his burgeoning modeling career on hold to serve as an officer in the Navy upon graduation. After serving honorably, Mahdi shifted gears and pursued a career in acting. His first professional credit was earned on the TV series, Dynasty, in 2018, and soon followed by roles on other network shows, including The Gifted, The Resident, MacGyver and more! Recently, Mahdi wrapped the role of Keith in the upcoming Paramount Pictures film, The Lovebirds, starring opposite Issa Rae, and Kumail Nanjiani. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where he works tirelessly onward and upward with nothing but positivity and excitement about his career.

Oh, apparently, he was modeling before he joined the Navy. We thought he went to the Navy first and then became a model/actor after he finished his service. Anyhoo, here are some of his modeling photos we found on the ‘nets. First, let’s check him out chillin’ with no shirt. He sure deserves a “Best Washboard Abs” award, doesn’t he?

Mahdi Cocci shirtless abs - modeling

Next, here’s our Mahdi looking gorgeous on the runway.

Mahdi Cocci model on runway

Our navy hottie is smokin’ hot whether shirtless or in a tee. Want more Black Male Models?

Mahdi Cocci hot body - bruh

Our favorite photo of our Mahdi for obvious reasons. Haha. Oh come on now, don’t judge, you already know we are thirsty hos here on Famewatcher.

Mahdi Cocci underwear briefs - model

Working out his bulging biceps in his Under Armour sports wear.

Mahdi Cocci working out in short shorts - model - bruh

Now, since we began this post by talking about his being hawt, hawt, hawt in uniform, here’s Mahdi as a police officer in an episode of Dynasty which is his first ever acting gig for TV.

hot men in uniform - mahdi cocci - dynasty

Does Mahdi have a girlfriend? Seems like he is single at the moment, at least based on his social media postings (follow him @mahdicocci). At any rate, we will update this post when we find out more about our imaginary boyfriend’s actual relationship status.

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