Luke Worrall Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Leather Pants

Luke Worrall Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Leather Pants. While watching TV, Kevin suddenly went like, “Whatever happened to Luke Worrall? You know, the cute British model who was dating that Osbourne girl?”

“I don’t know? Why are you asking,” Deena replied.

“Because that boy looks like him,” Kevin said while pointing to the TV.

True enough, the actor kinda looked like Kelly Osbourne’s ex but the scene changed so we can’t see him anymore. At any rate, we determined that it’s not Luke at all because, apparently, the British model has not turned to acting.

So what’s he doing now? He’s on Instagram (follow him @lukejeanworrall) and according to his Insta, he continues to model but is also a chef now. Here are some of his modeling photos, we specifically chose pics of the guy in leather pants for the leather lovers among us.

hot men in leather pants - luke worrall - fashion model

Want more men in leather pants?

hot men in leather pants - luke worrall

hot men in leather pants - luke worrall2

Of course, we can’t resist including this photo of Luke in his Vivienne Westwood boxer briefs because why not.

luke worrall underwear photo

Luke Worrall Gay or Straight Update. We decided to read more stories on Luke and apparently, he and Kelly broke up because he was cheating on here with a transgendered woman, at the time, still had to undergo transition.

Given this and Luke’s crossdressing ways, does this mean that our British cutie patootie is a friend of Dorothy? Nah. Not necessarily, until he comes out and say so the only objective thing one can say is that he dated a pre-op transgendered woman. That’s it.

Fullcircle Winter Coats on Luke Worrall (2 January 2011). British male model Luke Worrall models for Fullcircle’s Fall Winter menswear collection. Fullcircle, as some of you may already know, is a British fashion brand known for its “typically quirky, British edge” which was established in 1996. It initially focused on menswear but, since 2001, it included a women’s collection in its product line.

luke worrall male model

You know of course that Luke Worrall is the cross-dressing ex-boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne? He looks pretty in a dress, for sure but he also looks pretty in these fab winter coats and jackets from Fullcircle. Which of these outfits would you like to buy?

That red plaid shirt is hot! We’d buy it for the hubby.

We’re liking this shiny leatherite black jacket. It’s another one we’d like to buy for the mister. The faded slim jeans is pretty cool too.

mens winter jackets

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Luke Worrall in Women’s Dress (07 December 2009). Today in men wearing women’s clothes, we bring you blond boy Luke Worrall dressing up as a girl and landing a gig as a cover girl for Candy Magazine.

men wearing womens clothes luke worrall

If you’re like, “Luke Worrall who?” Luke is the boyfriend of Dancing With the Stars fan favorite Kelly Osbourne. Here’s the two of them wearing your standard clothes for men and women. Nice couple, no? They look good together, we must say.


Anyhoo, here are more photos of Luke during his magazine photoshoot. You gotta give props to him for being man enough to wear a woman’s dress.



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