Luke Bracey Shirtless, Girlfriend, Underwear Photos

Luke Bracey Shirtless, Girlfriend, Underwear Photos. Don’t you just love it when actors, like Aussie hunk Luke Bracey, don’t mind showing off their sculpted bodies and when directors ask them to take off their shirts? Hubba! Hubba!

Anyhoo, let us check out some of Luke’s shirtless onscreen performances, shall we? First, here’s the actor in nothing but a wrap-around towel from the 2014 romantic drama The Best of Me:

luke bracey body in best of me

He was also shirtless in another scene from The Best of Me. We, unfortunately, did not watch the movie so we have no choice but to speculate on what he is doing? Is he burying a body or is he doing a simple gardening work?

luke bracey shirtless in jeans - best of me

Last year, our Aussie hottie caught the thirsty eyes of the ladies when he guested in the Hulu critically acclaimed series Little Fires Everywhere:

luke bracey body in little fires everywhere

Not to be left behind, the powers-that-be on Netflix cast the guy and his manly chest hair for the movie Holidate which was one of the most-watched holiday films for the streaming service last year.

luke bracey chest hair holidate

And here’s Luke and his tattoos on the set of the 2015 remake of the movie Pointbreak where he played the role of Johnny Utah.

luke bracey gay or girlfriend pointbreak

Anyone of you know whether the next photo below is from a movie or a photoshoot?

luke bracey shirtless

Luke Bracey Underwear Pics. Here’s a still pic of the actor in his boxer briefs underwear from the 2014 movie The November Man…

luke bracey underwear boxer briefs in november man pic

… and another from the 2015 comedy Me Him Her where he plays a closeted TV star who wants to come out.

luke bracey underwear me him her

For those of you looking for a shirtless photo of the guy when he was younger. For those wondering, Luke is now 31 years old.

luke bracey young

He looks hot when he is shirtless but he looks just as hot when he is suited up…

luke bracey hot in suit

… or when he’s going casual in a red shirt and moto-leather jacket.

luke bracey facial hair

Luke Bracey Gay or Straight? He may have played a closeted character onscreen but the actor is straight in real life. We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment but, in the past, he dated Ellinor Olovsdotter, Olympia Valance, and Eiza González with whom he is seen below.

luke bracey girlfriend Eiza González

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