Luciano Carvari Mens Shoes: High Cut Leather and Formal Shoes

Luciano Carvari Mens Shoes: High Cut Leather and Formal Shoes. Want some fabulously designed shoes for men from Italy? Check out these high-kicking high cut leather shoes from Luciano Carvari. Says our friend Kevin, “They’re fabulous, they’re just fabulous!”

Luciano Carvari Mens Shoes

Maybe they are, Kevin, but what’s up with photos like these featuring¬† nearly nekkid men and their shoes? We don’t get it. We understand if they’re advertising men’s underwear and stuff but shoes? Really, shoes?

Anyhoo, there’s more Luciano Carvari shoes in our sister site.

Luciano Carvari Mens Shoes: Flora Amore Shoes
07 November 2011

Hello fellow Shoe-Watchers let’s have more Luciano Carvari shoes, shall we? Here are some more ad photos for the Italian shoe brand.

Boy, turns out that we are not the only one’s scratching our heads wondering what the point was when we chanced upon these ads. Here’s what members of the internet commentariat are saying and we kinda agree with them:

sonucoues2002: i never understand these type of photography so i am not gonna give him any point. is he a barber or are they barber shoe? what is the link between them? i never seen any barber wearing a shoe like this.

EGGO: Is there a link between the shiny shoes, the neck-cutter, the fact that the model is certainly not clean-shaven and the prickly cactus is in between his legs? Looking closer I see that’s not a throat-cutter at all, it’s a shoehorn, so now I’m really assuming it has to do with how “clean” the shoes are. In that case, a lot of my photography friends are right, fashion photography has gone down the drain.

Color us not surprised that we are not the only ones not “baffled” by these ads. But don’t get us wrong. We’re actually love, love, loving these shiny shoes. After all, they’re Italian-made and we know that shoes made in Italy are the best in the world.

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