Luca Marinelli Shirtless Body, Underwear, Girlfriend

Luca Marinelli Shirtless Body, Underwear, Girlfriend. In addition to Marwan Kenzari, the other half of the badass gay mercenary couple in the Netflix movie The Old Guard is Italian actor Luca Marinelli who plays the role of the former Crusader Niccolò di Genova.

Like his onscreen lover, Luca is actually straight and is dating German actress Alissa Jung. The two met back in 2012 while shooting the TV-movie Mary of Nazareth. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition in Berlin.

Luca Marinelli girlfriend alissa jung

Luca Marinelli Acting Awards. Like Marwan, Luca has also received trophies recognizing the excellence of his acting work. To date, he’s received a total of seven acting awards the most prominent of which would be the Volpi Cur for Best Acting trophy he received at the Venice International Film Festival for his role in the movie Martin Eden. Here’s the actor receiving his award:

Luca Marinelli acting award volpi cup

Luca Marinelli Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos. As usual, because we know that Famewatcher readers are thirsty hos and THOTs, here are some shirtless photos of the hunky Italian actor. Let us start with our favorite shirtless pic of the guy:

Luca Marinelli shirtless body

Next, here are photos of Luca in his briefs-style Speedo swimsuit:

Luca Marinelli speedo

Anyone know where these images are from? We know it’s from his many movie or TV projects but we still haven’t determined the exact movie/TV they’re taken from.

Luca Marinelli speedo2

Hello, Luca! Watchu looking at?

Luca Marinelli underwear briefs

Apparently, our guy needs help to float. Good thing the lady is there to help him.

Luca Marinelli speedo underwear

Luca and Marwan Photos and Fan Art for #Joenicky Stans. As mentioned in our post on Marwan, a lot of fans are calling for a sequel of The Old Guard that expands on the relationship of Niccolò di Genova and his boyfriend Yusuf Al-Kaysani. It is likely that a sequel will happen given the great success of the movie on Netflix but in case it doesn’t here are some #joenicky screencaps and fan art to warm your heart:

Luca Marinelli gay marwan kenzari

Luca Marinelli gay - joenicky fan art2

Luca Marinelli gay - joenicky fan art

How sweet. Sleep well, lovebirds!

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli fan art

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard

Awww. Who says you can’t kiss your love even when surrounded by the enemy?

Marwan Kenzari gay kiss with Luca Marinelli in old guard

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard4

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard3

Luca Looking Fly in Suit and Tie … and Trousers and Polo Shirt. He looks good when he goes shirtless but he is also a hot AF when he’s dressed in tight slacks and polo shirt:

Luca Marinelli hot shirt 2010 venice film festival

Or if he’s showing his kickass moves while wearing his suit and tie. Want more hot Italian men?

Luca Marinelli suit and tie in style magazine editorial

Or if he is posing in a magazine photoshoot wearing Dolce and Gabbana:

Luca Marinelli models dolce and gabbana suit and tie

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