Blue Dress for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Chanel Blue Dresses

Blue Dress for Girls Update: More Fabulous Celebrity Chanel Dresses. We know this post is originally for Keira Knightly but a lot of you are looking for Chanel blue dresses so we decided to give you what you are looking for. First, let’s have more famous celebrities wearing Chanel shall we?

Here’s Emma Roberts looking fabulous in her light blue mini-dress. Emma may have been known earlier as simply the “niece of Julia Roberts” but she is quietly establishing a name for herself in Hollywood.

blue dress for girls emma roberts

Another Emma who looks equally fabulous in Chanel blue is English beauty Emma Watson seen here in a strapless navy blue mini dress during the London premiere of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Yeah, its way back in 2006 but chic outfits like this are ageless, right?

blue dress for girls emma watson

What’s not to love about Diane Kruger’s Chanel dress? We love, love, love everything about it. It’s sparkly, it’s sexy, it’s worn by the fashion diva that is Diane.

chanel blue dress for girls diane kruger

Now, let’s check out the more recent outfits from Chanel. We are loving these two dresses from Karl Lagerfeld. We usually don’t like the guy but we gotta give Karl credit. He rocks when he rocks and his pre-fall 2011 collection for Chanel is rocking amazing. We love them all. But since we are talking about blue dresses, here’s two of our favorites from Karl.

blue dress for girls prefall chanel

blue dress for girls model

Truly amazing, eh? We think Karl got his inspiration from the fabulous Gypsies. [Update: Nope he wasn’t inspired by the Gypsies. Instead, he got his inspiration from “the Empress Theodora and the lost culture of Byzantium”. Here’s what he said about his inspiration according to “Theodora was a circus artist who became empress, like Chanel, who was a little singer and became a fashion empress.”

Blue Dress for Girls: Keira Knightley Style Watch (posted 13 September 2010). Today in women’s dresses, we bring you British actress Keira Knightly and her sexy sleeveless blue dress by Chanel.

blue dress for girls chanel

A profile of the Chanel Resort dress below.

blue dress for girls keira knightley

How would you compare this dress to Lady Gaga’s Hello Kitty dress? No basis for comparison, huh?

Blue Dress for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Chanel Blue Dresses. Posted 13 September 2010. Last updated: July 20, 2020 at 12:13 pm.