Marwan Kenzari Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, and Gay Speech in The Old Guard

Marwan Kenzari Shirtless, Sculpted Body, and Gay Speech in The Old Guard. We were not planning on watching The Old Guard on Netflix because we figured it’s just one of those generic and average action movies which the streaming service is increasingly becoming known for.

However, we added it to our “must watch” list after our friend Kevin mentioned that the movie has two badass gay mercenaries who are in love with each other. Wut? Sign us up. LGBT male characters in movies tend to be stereotypical cliches so we’re up for watching gun-toters who are friends of Dorothy.

Anyhoo, one half of the couple is played by Dutch-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari and boy does he have a smoking hot body to die for.

Marwan Kenzari smoking hot body

Marwan is shirtless in jeans. Want more celebrity washboard abs?

Marwan Kenzari shirtless in jeans

Hmmm, we never knew you can do a body workout with a basketball like that.

Marwan Kenzari shirtless workout

In The Old Guard, Marwan’s character Joe makes a speech about his love for his man (Nicky played by Luca Marinelli) and this has become one of the quotable quotes — he’s not my boyfriend, he’s all and he’s more — repeated by fans on social media.

Here’s the full speech: “He’s not my boyfriend. This man is more to me that you can dream. He’s the moon when I’m lost in darkness and warmth when I shiver in cold. And his kiss still thrills me, even after a millennia. His heart overflows with the kindness of which this world is not worthy of. I love this man beyond measure and reason. He’s not my boyfriend. He’s all and he’s more.”

As it happens, Joe and Nicky are also fast becoming fan favorites with some clamoring for a movie that focuses the story on them. Here’s a fan art of #joenicky:

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli fan art

The above is based on this scene:

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard

More screencaps of Joe and Nicky from the movie:

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard4

Marwan Kenzari gay Luca Marinelli in old guard3

Marwan Kenzari gay kiss with Luca Marinelli in old guard

Marwan Kenzari gay in real life - old guard

Marwan Kenzari Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? The actor is not gay in real life and is currently dating girlfriend Nora Ponse. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds on the red carpet for the movie Aladdin where Marwan played the baddie Jafar.

Marwan Kenzari girlfriend nora ponse

Marwan Kenzari Acting Awards. To date, our hunky actor has two acting trophies to his name — one from the Netherlands Film Festival and another from the European Film Festival — which he bagged for his lead role in the 2013 movie Wolf. He also won the 2014 Shooting Stars Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

marwan kenzari acting award - Shooting Stars 2014 at Berlinale Film Festival

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