Kevin Sorbo Gay or Straight: Hercules Hunk was an Underwear Model

Kevin Sorbo Gay or Straight. He is straight. And, since 1998, he’s been married to actress Sam Jenkins Sorbo who co-starred with him in the TV series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The two have three children.

Now, just because he is straight does not mean that Kevin is not okay with gay-kissin’ when he is acting in movies. Here’s Kevin rubbing lips with Meet the Spartans co-star Sean Maguire.

kevin sorbo gay homosexual

Sean and Kevin sittin’ on a tree…. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

kevin sorbo gay or straight

In an interview with BBC, Sean reveals that Kevin wasn’t looking forward to their onscreen kiss:

How was your on-screen kiss with Kevin Sorbo? Kevin was really scared about having to kiss me – and I was like, “I’m not really relishing the thought of kissing you either!” He’s a real all-American guy so he was like, “Do we have to do this?”. But I said, “Kev, we’re in a movie playing big gay Spartans!”

And kiss they did convincingly!

kevin sorbo gay kiss sean maguire meet the spartans

So Famewatchers, what do you think of this Kevin Sorbo gay kissin’ scenes?


Kevin Sorbo Gay Underwear: Underwear as Outerwear! OMG. Look who’s wearing a leather underwear? And he’s really rocking it too! It’s Hercules himself, Mr. Kevin Sorbo!!! Technically though this is not really an underwear because this is how the Spartans dressed a long long time ago. Maybe they started the underwear as outerwear which is kinda getting common these days, no?

kevin sorbo gay leather underwear

In case you are wondering, the pic above is from Meet The Spartans which is a movie parody of Gerard Butler’s 300.

For a fiftysh-year-old man, Kevin is looking great isn’t he? Check him out in his younger, Hercules, days. Is that a loincloth he’s wearing?

Want more men’s leather underwear? Well, you better check out these photos of Stan McQuay showering in his leather thongs [see Men in Thongs Underwear].


Kevin Sorbo as a Young Man (21 December 2011): Holy canoly, check out this sizzling hot photo of Kevin when he was a young man. Hot, hot, and hot. We never really got into him when he was Hercules (we think its the long hair which turned us off) but this photo is just…. well, let’s just say that if we saw this photo back in the 1990s, we’d have made him our imaginary boyfriend and not that silly, couch-jumping, and crazy Tom Cruise. In our defense, crazy Tommy only got crazy at the turn of the century, right?

By the by, did you know that Kevin, like a lot of Hollywood movie/TV stars started his career as a model? Here’s an underwear photoshoot featuring him as a model with two equally hot guys.

Anyhoo, one of the amazing things about Kevin is his longevity in the entertainment business. A look at his IMDB page reveals that he continues to be busy making movies/TV shows. Sure these may not be your summer blockbusters but work is work and we’re glad Kevin continues to get him some working gigs.

Kevin Sorbo Gay or Straight published 30 September 2010. Updated 17 February 2017.