Celebrities Wearing Maurice Lacroix Watch: Brand Ambassadors

Celebrities Wearing Maurice Lacroix Watch. Look who’s wearing a Maurice Lacroix Swiss luxury watch? It’s English professional golfer Justin Rose, that’s who. Justin is actually an ambassador for Maurice Lacroix since May 2009.

celebrities wearing maurice lacroix watch justin rose

In hiring Justin as the company’s celebrity ambassador, Maurice Lacroix CEO Martin Bachmann had this to say: “We could not desire a better ambassador for our company. We create watches for people who have the confidence to be themselves. Personalities who stand out from the crowd, who are authentic and looking for more than social status. This profile fits Justin Rose perfectly.”

And what does Justin say of this partnership with Maurice Lacroix? Here’s our Justin: “I am interested in the best quality, because I want to have something from the things around me for a long time and I must be able to rely on them. For me the design is every bit as important as the function. Ostentation for the wrist and bling bling do not fit into my world.”

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Swing it, baby!

celebrities with maurice lacroix watches


Update: More Brand Ambassadors or Celebrities Wearing Maurice Lacroix. Aside from Justin Rose, the other brand ambassadors for this Swiss watch brand are Bob Geldof, Jimmy Wales, Dicky Cheung, and Leonid Parfenov.

Bob Geldof: The young ones will probably know Bob Geldof as the father of socialite/models Pixie and Peaches Geldof but he’s actually a very accomplished man. In fact, Maurice Lacroix CEO Martin Bachmann says when they hired Geldof as their ambassador: “When you think of Bob Geldof, you think of intelligence, eloquence and authenticity in fields as diverse as music and humanitarianism to international business. He is a man who has always followed his own path in life to achieve amazing success. Our company lives and breathes this ethos. We challenge conventional ways of thinking and always stand true to our values as expert watchmakers.”

bob geldof maurice lacroix

Jimmy Wales: You already know Jimmy Wales, right? If you don’t know him at all, go hang your head in shame for not knowing about the man who founded the most valuable and most informative website in the internet, freaking wikipedia.com. Anyhoo, here’s what CEO Bachmann says about Wales: “We admire Jimmy Wales for both his ambition and his accomplishments. Right from the beginning of his career, he had the confidence to believe there was a better, more revolutionary way to share knowledge. His visionary prowess is extraordinary.”

celebrities wearing maurice lacroix watch - jimmy wales wikipedia

Dicky Cheung: As the market for luxury items shrinks in North America/Europe and expands in China, it makes sense for Maurice Lacroix to have an ambassador in the country (as well as the rest of Asia). They found the right guy in the person of actor Dicky Cheung.

Says Bachmann of their “face” in Asia: “Mr. Dicky Cheung is an ideal candidate for our first Asia ambassador, he has been striking for the best in his career and has never given up in the past 20 years. Thus he has truly followed our brand philosophy “Follow your convictions”, by having the courage to be who you really are and staying true to your beliefs.”

dicky cheung maurice lacroix

Leonid Parfenov: Like China, Russia is also an expanding market for high-end luxury watches so it’s no surprise if the Maurice Lacroix guys are trying to capture a share of the Russian market with the help of their brand ambassador, famous television journalist Leonid Parfenov.

celebrity maurice lacroix watch - leonid farfenoc

Here’s what Bachmann says of their newest brand ambassador: “We make these watches especially for those people who can afford to be themselves. For these individuals and the authenticity of the magnetic force concluded in the man rather than his social status. The type of people is fully consistent with Leonid Parfenov.”


Roger Federer and Maurice Lacroix. Let us add tennis great Roger Federer to our list of celebrities wearing Maurice Lacroix watches. Apparently, he was with the brand when he was younger and before he signed up as a brand ambassador for Rolex. [Related: Roger Federer Rolex Watch.]

celebrities wearing maurice lacroix roger federer

Celebrities Wearing Maurice Lacroix Watch updated 16 February 2017. Originally posted on 17 September 2010.