Men in Thongs Underwear: Male Models in 2xist & Leather Thongs

Men in Thongs Underwear. Want some cute guys in thongs with awesome muscles? Well, here’s a male model wearing a men’s thong 2xist underwear. Thongs are nice to look at, huh? We hope though that they are comfortable to wear. Because, you know, often the outfits which are nice to look at can be pretty uncomfortable at times.

men in thongs underwear - 2xist male model

We don’t know the name of the first male model above but the next one below, if we’re not mistaken, is Brazilian model Andrew Ziehe.

men in thongs underwear - 2xist model hunk

Men in Thongs: Your Choice? Now, what are your choices when it comes to men’s thong underwear? Our friend Kevin’s usual pick is the 2xist thongs you see above. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to 2xist. Did you know that good old Fruit of the Loom also sells thong underwear? If you want cotton underwear, you might opt for Joe boxers (the one on the middle). And, of course, if you wanna wear something smooth and silky, you can’t go wrong buying and wearing silk thongs.

men in thongs underwear - choices2

And then, of course, there is always leather thongs. Check out, for instance these men in thongs ruling the runway with their Jeremy Scott leather thongs.

men in thongs - jeremy scott models on the runway


American Model Tyler Bachtel in Thongs: Let’s continue our appreciation of the thong underwear and the brave men who are courageous enough to wear them. This time, here’s model Tyler Bachtel and his thongs. Ain’t he purty? More photos of Tyler Bachtel: in Calvin Kleins and Energie briefs and some background information (he’s from Ohio in case you are wondering). Update: Sorry, we had to delete Tyler’s photos.

Stan McQuay in Leather Thongs Underwear: Of course men’s thongs can be made of leather too. Check out Asian bodybuilder model Stan McQuay’s thong, for instance. Pretty cool leather thong that sizzles in the shower. The pics are for those of you who are loving our posts on this Asian muscle hunk.

men in thongs underwear - asian leather guy

Two Guys in Leather Thongs (Sorry, we deleted the photos): Muscle guys are hot. Muscle hunks with washboard abs in leather thongs are double hot. Now, these two guys are obviously hot together but it would be beyond hot if they make a threesome with James Bond hunk Daniel Craig who also loves him his leather.

Anyhoo, we were wondering about the health effects of thong underwear and this is what we found out: “The health effects of thongs are not completely known, however some research suggests that wearing thong underwear does not have a statistically significant effect on the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.”

We interpret this to mean that a thong, healthwise, is as “good” as any kind of undergarment.

Men in Thongs Update: Celebrity Edition. This update is for those of you looking for celebrity men in thongs. First, check out Geordie Shore hunks – Gaz Beadle, Ricci Guarnaccio, Daniel Thomas-Tuck, and Scott Timlin rocking their thong undies.

men in thongs - geordie shore - Gaz Beadle Ricci Guarnaccio Daniel Thomas-Tuck and Scott Timlin

Next, check out Jesse Metcalfe in red thong undies. Looks like he is in big trouble, no?

men in thongs - jesse metcalfe thong underwear

Our next celebrity men in thongs is Brian Van Holt in the movie Whipped.

men in thongs underwear - brian van holt underwear - thong - whipped movie

Lastly, check out Doug Savant in a pair of really skimpy thong undies. This is from an episode of Season One of Desperate Housewives.

men in thongs doug savant desperate housewives

Men in Thongs Underwear first posted on 5 April 2009. Last update on 13 March 2017.