Kenny Wormald Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfiend

Kenny Wormald Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfiend. It took ten years to update this post but we are happy to report that Kenny’s Footloose movie did okay in the box office. Specifically, it made $52 million in the US and Canada and another $12 million in the international market. So, it made $64 million in total which is actually pretty cool for its $24 million budget.

Now, it did not propel Kenny’s “celebrity score” as high as it did as Kevin Bacon but our dancing hunk continues to make movies and TV shows in Hollywood. To date, Kenny has 21 acting credits to his name which is 15 more than his total before he starred in Footloose.

kenny wormald hot body footloose

Want more shirtless photos of our Kenny? Of course you do!

kenny wormald body

Hey look, peekabo underwear!

kenny wormald gay or straight

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kenny wormald shirtless in pool

For those of you looking for smoking pics of Kenny Wormald. You didn’t think we’d take that literally, didn’t you?

kenny wormald smoking shirtless

Kenny Wormald Gay or Straight? In 2018, Kenny kinda came out but not from the LGBT closet. Instead he revealed that he is actually married to Danielly De Silva and filed for divorce. Apparently, they actually separated three years earlier in 2015.

After the revelation, Kenny went on do date English singer and dancer Lauren Bennett.

kenny wormald wife lauren bennett

The two are now raising a daughter together.

kenny wormald girlfriend lauren bennett

Kenny Wormald Shirtless Footloose Movie Star (22 June 2010). If the movie remake of Footloose turns out to be a big hit, Kenny Wormald should send a muffin basket to Chace Crawford. According to reports, the Gossip Girl actor refused the role of Ren McCormack, the character played by Kevin Bacon in the original movie, which is now reportedly going to Kenny.

kenny wormald footloose

From Hollywood Life: “Paramount Pictures has found their Ren McCormack — and he’s no one you’ve ever heard of. Newcomer Kenny Wormald won the role after auditioning against thousands of other hopefuls in a worldwide search.”

More about the dancing hunk: “Wormald, a Boston native, appeared in the MTV series Dancelife and recently toured with Justin Timberlake. … This could be a star-making role for Wormald, as Ren McCormack was for Kevin Bacon back in 1984. Veteran producer Craig Zadan, who produced the original, will also produce the remake.”

Do you think this remake is going to be a hit a-la Karate Kid or is it going to flop like the Fame 2 movie.

kenny wormald shirtless dance hunk