Celebrity Hoodie Jacket: Mark Zuckerberg Hoodie by GAP

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket: Mark Zuckerberg Hoodie by GAP. Nearly a decade later, we are updating this post to answer the question of a German Famewatcher who emailed us wondering whether Mark Zuckerberg really wore a GAP hoodie or whether Jesse Eisenberg’s fashion in The Social Network had no basis in reality.

Well, as you can see in the photo below, the Facebook founder  was truly a GAP-wearing college kid when he was at Harvard. We do not know if he continues to wear GAP but we can definitely add his GAP-wearing ways as his contribution to the world of fashion.

mark zuckerberg gap hoodie jacket

Celebrity Fans of Gap Hoodie Outfits (2 September 2011). We are updating this post to bring you more GAP hoodie-wearing celebrities. Obviously, Robert Pattinson ain’t the only famous person who loves him his GAP hoodie. We should  include Jesse Eisenberg to the list as he is seen in the pic below as the dorky Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the movie, The Social Network.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket jesse eisenberg on the social network

Also spotted in a Gap sweatshirt is Bonnie Wright who some of you know as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket ginny weasley

Then here’s the troubled Hollywood star that is Lindsay Lohan in a sleeveless Gap hoodie jacket.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket lindsay lohan

Not surprisingly, adult celebrities are not the only ones spotted in Gap outfits. Celebrity kids apparently love them their Baby Gaps. For instance, here’s Nahla Ariela Aubry – daughter of Hollywood Superstar Halle Berry and male Supermodel Gabriel Aubry – wearing a fabulous Baby Gap Faux Shearling Hoodie Coat.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket baby nahla

And then here’s Bronx Mowgli Wentz looking snug and comfy in a Baby Gap Buffalo Zip-up Sweater Hoodie.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket bronx wentz

Robert Pattinson GAP Hoodie Jacket (23 October 2010). Robert Pattinson wears a blue hoodie on the set of his movie, Remember Me, where he plays a student at New York University. We gotta admit that we initially thought this was a paparazzi photo and he’s trying to go incognito but it turns out that these are actually still photos from a movie set.

For those who are wondering, Pattinson’s hoodie is from the menswear collection of GAP. Specifically, it’s a Gap Heathered Hoodie Jacket.

celebrity hoodie jacket gap heathered on robert pattinson

Looks cool, no? You should buy one to use whenever you need to go incognito.

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket robert pattinson in remember me

For once, the always-dour Twilight actor is seen smiling in the next photo below. What a revelation! He can smile after all. Hahaha.

celebrities wearing gap clothes. robert pattinson hoodie jacket style watch

Does that pinkie finger make your gaydar go, “Ping! Ping! Ping!”?

Celebrity Hoodie Jacket

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