Josiah Hawley Shirtless and Underwear Photos: The Voice Model Hunk

Those silly American Idol judges kicked out our imaginary TV boyfriend Johnny Keyser [see Johnny Keyser Shirtless Photos] so we decided to boycott the show which may be the reason why its ratings have been falling every week. Haha. Take that, Nigel! With no imaginary beau to cheer for, we thought we’d be “television-free” this season but we watched The Voice tonight and went, “Damn! He’s hot!”. He, of course, is Josiah Hawley.

josiah hawley - body

If that is not hot, we don’t know what is. Apparently, this is not the first time our Josiah — who’s joining Usher’s team in the singing competition — is appearing on the small screen. He made it to the top 24 in Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel competition.

Is Josiah gay or straight? He’s straight and, according to Tulsa World, he is very much married. Oh noes! Does that mean we can no longer think of him as our imaginary boyfriend? Our friend Kevin (who’s hoping Josiah is gay) is a little disappointed. Hehe. Too bad for you, Kevin! But we are happy for Josiah’s wife Hana.

As mentioned, Josiah only made it to the Top 24 in the Make Me a Supermodel competition. We believe he’d have made it further if he didn’t have an atrocious haircut like the one he’s sporting below (courtesy of Make Me a Supermodel).


To prove our point, check out his other modeling photos which are much more awesome.

josiah hawley - jeans model - shirtless


josiah hawley - shirtless - the voice

Yay, again!

Hey look, a polaroid underwear photo.

josiah hawley speedo photo

Is this Josiah Hawley in Speedo swimsuit? The internet (or more specifically, Google Images) seems to think so.

Josiah Hawley shirtless in speedo photo

Is it him or is it not him? Does it matter? It’s a dude in swimtrunks, no one’s gonna complain about that, right?

josiah hawley pic by christian rios

josiah hawley - sexy singer - no shirt

More shirtless pics of Josiah Hawley (pics by Christian Rios).

josiah hawley - leather jacket - fashion model

Who doesn’t love a guy in leather jacket?

josiah hawley - the voice- hot

Or in a schoolboyish white shirt and blue jeans? Awww, how cute is he in the last pic above? Anyhoo, we’re hoping our Josiah last longer on The Voice than Johnny Keyser on American Idol.

But then again, if he does not, we’d have less time watching TV and more time blogging, no?

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UPDATE: Here’s another modeling pic of Josiah wearing a pair of Emporio Armani briefs.

josiah hawley underwear photo