Johnny Keyser Shirtless Photos: American Idol 12

Johnny Keyser Shirtless Photos: American Idol 12. Remember Johnny Keyser? He’s the kinda good looking guy in last year’s edition of American Idol who was inexplicably cut from the competition. Good thing he’s back in American Idol 12 because we Famewatchers do need us some male eye candy. Good thing too that our Johnny apparently loves going shirtless and, more importantly, loves taking some shirtless photos while he’s at it.

johnny keyser shirtless - jean bulge

Hey look, another white guy with a guitar. We think he’ll go a long way in the competition.

johnny keyser - body

Damn. He’s got nice abs and a to-die-for body. Well, maybe not to-die-for but he’s in great shape.

johnny keyser - white guy with guitar

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Now, that’s an impressive physique. He’d made a good model for denim jeans and skimpy underwear. Heheh. Hey Johnny, what about giving us some underwear pics, eh? At the moment, we have to make do with this one.

johnny keyser underwear shirtless - american idol

Anyhoo, according to internet spoilers, our Johnny has made it to the Top 40 contestants in this year’s American Top 20 Males. He has to go through another screening before he makes it to the live rounds and we are gonna keep our fingers crossed that he’ll make it. As we were saying, we want some guycandies on AI.

johnny keyser fashion style - tank top shirt

Does Johnny have a girlfriend (or maybe a boyfriend)? We honestly don’t know. That’s why we need him to remain in the competition as long as possible so we’ll have more time to know more about his personal story. We’d like to think that he does not have a girlfriend because, well, because there’s no mention of any in the internetz. Hehe.

Our friend Kevin, for his part, is suggesting that Johnny is gay and the only reason he is making said suggestion is the fact that the American Idol contestant got him some fabulous abs. We guess Kevin agrees with fag hag Kathy Griffin that only gay guys would have perfect washboard abs like the ones Johnny is sporting in the pics above. What do you think?

Johnny Keyser Shirtless Photos: American Idol 12. Posted 13 January 2013.