Jon Seda Shirtless, Underwear, Antonio Dawson Leather Jacket in Chicago PD

Jon Seda Shirtless Daddy. Looking for a hot guy in his 40s? Famewatchers, we bring you Jon Seda! This boxer-turned-actor is 44 years old but he’s sizzling like a twenty-something hunk. Here’s a Jon Seda shirtless photo taken from the 2015 Chicago Polar Plunge.

jon seda shirtless - Chicago Polar Plunge 2015


jon seda shirtless - Chicag Polar Plunge 2015

Oh, Lady Gaga was at the Chicago Polar Plunge too. That’s her riding at the back of fiancee Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire. [Wanna see some Taylor Kinney Underwear?]

jon seda shirtless - Chicago Polar Plunge 2015 - wet shorts

Someone mentioned that Jon Seda is like Benjamin Button, you know that guy in the Brad Pitt movie who gets younger physically even as he gets older in age.

jon seda young - shirtless

Now, here’s a young Jon Seda shirtless photo. If we are not mistaken, it is a still pic from the 1997 movie Selena where he plays the role of Chris Perez opposite Jennifer Lopez’s Selena.

Jon Seda’s latest gig is playing a police detective in the Chicago Fire spinoff, Chicago P.D. which has been renewed for a third season. Here’s what Jon says about his role as Detective Antonio Dawson (via

Antonio, he’s a good cop. He really loves what he does. He’s very good at it,” Seda says. “He’s a focused detective, but he’s not someone to take lightly. … He’s not quick to just judge anyone. He likes to try to get all the answers and pieces together before he can make a decision on something. … But he’s a guy that tries to do things as much as he can by the book.

Jon Seda Underwear: We can’t find any picture of him in his undies, unfortunately. However, for those of you wondering whether he prefers boxers or briefs, he already answered that Q in this Q&A with Greg LaVoi (GLV) of

GLV: Did you have a fashion influence?
JS: You know, I was always very simple. Like a lot of guys growing up I wanted to be like the Fonz (from the television show Happy Days) I wanted that brown leather jacket, the jeans, the boots!

GLV: Do you wear any signature jewelry or watch?
JS: No.

GLV: Favorite color?
JS: Purple! Purple suits, shirts or ties. I have a purple mountain bike!

GLV: Boxers or Briefs?
JS: Ummm, briefs.

GLV: What’s on your night stand?
JS: All my wife’s books and junk, contact lens case. I don’t have a night stand!

GLV: What do you sleep in?
JS: Briefs.

GLV: Pretend you’ve been nominated for an Emmy for your role on The Closer, who do you call to do your tuxedo?
JS: Dunhill.

GLV: Is there anything you obsess over so that you can never have too many of?
JS: Grapefruit.

GLV: Describe your personal style.
JS: Jeans. T-shirts. Leather jacket.

Jon Seda Leather Jackets as Antonio Dawson in Chicago P.D. In real life and on TV as Chicago P.D.’s Antonio Dawson, Jon looks really cool and sexy in his leather jackets. Check him out:

jon seda antonio dawson chicago pd leather jacket

jon seda chicago pd leather jacket

What do you think of these Jon Seda/Antonio Dawson Chicago PD leather jackets? Pretty cool, huh?