Jeremy Piven Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Jeremy Piven Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Is Jeremy Piven gay or straight? Apparently, in a 2007 interview with Playboy Magazine, our Jeremy kinda stated that he is into guys, guys, and guys. From Playboy:

Jeremy Piven likes to joke about why he’s 41 and single. “I’d love to have a girlfriend – if I weren’t gay,” he tells Playboy’s March issue. “That’s right, I’m gay! I’m gayer than Liberace in 1972.”

Well, we are pretty sure he is joking. He is actually straight. However, its kinda fun imagining our Jeremy being gayer than and dressing up like Liberace, no?

jeremy piven gay or straight

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Anyhoo, according to Radar Online, Jeremy is currently dating a girl named Siobhan Dillon. She is British. She is an actress. And she is starring in a Broadway production. Here’s a photo of Jeremy’s girl.

jeremy piven girlfriend 2017 siobhan dillon

Siohban and Jeremy sittin’ on a tree…

Jeremy Piven Girlfriend Siobhan Dillon

Jeremy Piven Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Shirtless Photos (posted 05 May 2010). Check out Jeremy Piven in white boxers underwear which is, unfortunately, partially obscured by a very long bathrobe which hides the rest of him.
jeremy piven underwear

Still, if you love you your Jeremy in various states of shirtlessness, you will appreciate these photos.

jeremy piven underwear boxer shorts

Hey look, a dad bod!

jeremy piven shirtless

We love us some photos of men with towels.

jeremy piven hot body

jeremy piven towel

jeremy piven body

Does Jeremy Piven Wax His Body?
05 June 2010
jeremy piven body waxing

Wondering whether your favorite male celebrities are into body waxing? Well, let’s make a list of male celebrity body waxers and start with Jeremy Piven who, from the looks of his beach photos, is soooo into waxing himself. We’re guessing that its a safe bet to assume that he also has had a Brazilian wax, eh?

jeremy piven body shirtless

jeremy piven shirtless

In conclusion, we’ll end you with this Jeremy Piven shirtless photo where we see him with his unwaxed body hair. Nice! We actually like him better like this. Hehe.

jeremy piven shirtless body hair

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