Are Jeans and Blazers In Fashion or Out of Style: Jeremy Renner

Are Jeans and Blazers In Fashion or Out of Style: Jeremy Renner Red Carpet Look. Is the combination of jeans and blazers for men still fashionable or is it now out of style? Well, to answer your question, let’s check out what talented American actor Jeremy Renner was wearing at the Mexico City premiere of his latest hit movie, The Bourne Legacy.

If we are to answer with the help of the photo above, the answer would obviously be “Yes, a combination of your blazer and a pair of jeans is not out of style.”

Four of us Famewatchers (Deena, Toby, Kevin, and Pim) agree that jeans and blazers will be “in fashion” so long as there will be jeans and blazers. Still, it is important to find the right combination of your jeans and blazer in terms of the color and cut of your outfits. Would you agree with Toby and Deena that there’s something “off” with Jeremy’s jeans and blazer combo below?

It’s a little hard to put a finger on what’s wrong but Toby remarked that Jeremy’s overall look reminds him of the wooden top he used to play as a child. You know, something like this.

It’s an absurd comparison but we see Toby’s point. Jeremy’s red carpet look of slim jeans and a blazer that’s slightly big for him makes for an imbalanced “top heavy” look. Add the colors of the outfits — washed blue jeans and dark black blazers — and you’ll have an imbalanced look that puts emphasis on the upper part of the body which elicited the “he looks like a human top” comment from Toby.

Compare Jeremy’s look with Justin Timberlake’s Style in Friends With Benefits and you’ll see how the latter’s jeans and blazer works oh-so-well for him.

So what do we get from all this? That jeans and blazer is a style that will forever be fashionable but, as in all things fashion, you should be careful with how you combine your outfits. For men, slim cut jeans don’t go well with slightly oversized blazers. Moreover, your trousers should be darker than your blazers. So there!

Jeremy walks with a purpose. Yay!

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For the label-conscious among you, our Bourne Identity star is wearing a Lanvin blazer, a Dolce & Gabanna shirt and tie, Alexander McQueen boots, and J Brand “Kane” Slim Straight Leg Jeans.

Want more celebrities wearing jeans and blazer? As we mentioned, you should check out Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits. He’s looking good in that one.

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