Jay Armstrong Johnson Shirtless, Boyfriend, Awards

Jay Armstrong Johnson Shirtless, Boyfriend, Awards. We are updating this post to bring you more fabulous shirtless photos of Jay Armstrong Johnson some of which we grabbed from his social media feeds (follow him on Instagram @jay_a_johnson). Sadly, the TV show Quantico which made us took notice of the guy has gone kaput after three seasons but it was a fun ride.

jay armstrong johnson shirtless body

jay armstrong johnson shirtless in jeans

Quantico, which ended in 2018, was Jay’s last major onscreen project but he’d been busy starring in Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. In fact, per wikipedia, he was nominated in 2020 for the Lucille Lortel Award as well as the Drama Desk Award for his performance as Banko in a production of the musical Scotland, PA. He did not win but, previously, he’s already brought home a Drama Desk trophy in 2013 as part of the acting ensemble for the play Working.

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jay armstrong johnson awards - 2013 acting ensemble for working

Jay Armstrong Johnson Boyfriend? He is in a relationship with Will Beech who, from what we gathered from the interwebs, is also in the theater scene not only as a performer but in teh business side of things. Here’s a pic of the lovebirds from Jay’s Insta:

jay armstrong johnson boyfriend husband will beech

Oh wait, did we promise to include photos of of curly-haired cutie in his underoos? We did not? Well, consider these ones a bonus.

jay armstrong johnson underwear broadway

jay armstrong johnson quantico underwear

Jay Armstrong Johnson Gay or Straight (28 April 2016). Aside from Graham Rogers, another Quantico hunk we are “boyfriending”is Jay Armstrong Johnson who plays Will Olsen or Graham’s character’s roommate. Ain’t he a cutie?

Jay Armstrong Johnson gay or straight - quantico

For those who are wondering, yes Jay Armstrong Johnson is a friend of Dorothy. In fact, Now Next Now reveals that he is actually out:

Out actor Jay Armstrong Johnson who can currently be seen in ABC’s Quantico gave “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, his own twist by stepping in for Marilyn Monroe among a sea of men and sparkly jewelry.

Here’s the video the above quote referenced:

Jay Armstrong Johnson Boyfriend? Is he in a relationship or dating anyone? Does he have a boyfriend? We do not know his status now but a 2014 New York Times story mentioned that he has a boyfriend:

Mr. Armstrong Johnson, matter-of-fact, said, “I told my boyfriend, ‘You’re my rebound, cool?’ ” Three years later, they’re still together.

We do not have the name for our hunk’s boyfriend so we are asking you Famewatchers in the know to tell us if you happen to know the guy. Danke!

Jay may be new in the small screen but he’s got a longer, more impressive resume as a theater actor. Check him out as a dancing sailor in On the Town:

Jay Armstrong Johnson on the town

Jay Armstrong Johnson Shirtless Photos. And here’s a shirtless Jay in Pool Boy.

Jay Armstrong Johnson gay or straight - shirtless - pool boy

Finally, here’s Jay as Matthew on the stage play Wild Animals You Should Know. He plays a teenage jock who, to use the words of Rachel Green, “uses sexuality as a weapon”.

Jay Armstrong Johnson underwear - wild animals you should know2

He sure is fit, huh? In an interview with broadway.com, he tells us how to keep his body in shape: “I make sure to do a half hour of yoga before every show, because Chip is a tense guy. He’s got 24 hours to get everything done, so I realized at the end of the show every muscle in my body is tense. When I get home every night, I have to do a little bit of a yoga cool down, and roll out my legs on my leg roller. If I don’t, things like rolled ankles and cricks in my neck start peeking up everywhere. It’s nice not to have to go to the gym every day. I’ve got the Lyric Theatre as my gym [laughs].”

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