Jason Mraz Shirtless in Underwear and Other Hot Czech Hunks

Jason Mraz Shirtless and Underwear Photos Part II. Our Jason keeps being awesome by sharing photos of himself of various states of undress so we have no choice but to update this post to add more to the singer’s hot AF pics.

Seriously, you didn’t think we’d come across the this photo on Twitter and not grab it and upload it for the thirsty Famewatchers among us, didn’t you?

Now, is there any American singer out there brave enough to wear Speedos like Jason is doing below? The only one we can think of is Keith Urban but he does not count because wearing budgy smugglers is common in his native Australia.

jason mraz underwear speedo body

Oh Jason, your tattoo is very, very naughty.

jason mraz hot shirtless body

Jason in short shorts! Yay!

jason mraz shirtless body in short shorts

Jason Mraz Shirtless in Underwear and Other Hot Czech Hunks (1 June 2017). Who knew American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz looks good in his black underwear? There’s no one more hawt than a guy who can sing who doesn’t mind stripping to his underwear, no?

jason mraz underwear briefs

A shirtless photo of this cutie Czech-American singer (his surname means “frost” in Czech) after the jump.

jason mraz shirtless body

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