IWC Portuguese Watch Celebrity Fans: Famous People With IWC Portuguese

IWC Portuguese Watch Celebrity Fans: Shia La Beouf in Wall Street Movie: What watch is Shia LaBeouf wearing in this still photo from his movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps? That watch, Famewatcher is a IWC watch particularly the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar.

IWC Portuguese Watch Celebrity Fans

Let’s have a closer look at the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, shall we? Now, one of the unique features of this watch is its ability to tell you the remaining number of days before the next full moon. You know of course that badass sailors depended on the moon for navigational purposes, right?

IWC Portuguese Watch

By the by, any of you looking forward to watching Shia in Wall Street? We’re so used to seeing him do action in the Transformers franchise but so it would be interesting to see him stretch his acting muscles in a drama role.

Sophie Marceau’s IWC Portuguese Watch: Who says only the likes of badass action stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jason Statham can wear IWC watches [see Celebrities With Big Pilot IWC Watches]? Not the beautiful French star Sophie Marceau who’s seen here wearing an IWC Portuguese watch in the 2005 movie, Andrew Zimmer.

Sophie Marceau IWC Portuguese Watch

celebrities wearing iwc portuguese watch

iwc portuguese watch for girls

Kellan Lutz’s IWC Portuguese Automatic: Muscled Twilight stud Kellan Lutz appears to be saying, “Hey buddy, look at my watch. Do you like it? Take a picture of me and my really big IWC watch.” Yes Kellan, we know you are wearing a fabulous IWC Portuguese Automatic watch. Can you now stop pointing at it?

kellan lutz iwc portuguese watch

IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Watch for Taylor Lautner: Look who’s looking dapper in his tuxedo? It’s the Twilight teen hunk himself, Taylor Lautner.

iwc portuguese watch for men taylor lautner

What? You’re more interested in his watch? Okay, let’s have a closer look. It’s an IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic watch.

celebrities wearing iwc portuguese watch taylor lautner

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mens iwc portuguese watch

What Brand is Zac Efron’s Watch? It’s a IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic: Not surprisingly Taylor Lautner isn’t the only hot Hollywood tween star who wears an IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Watch. As you can see in the photo below, our Zac Efron also wears this particular model.

zac efron iwc portuguese watch

Is this watch a good buy? The guys at gave it a 95% in durability and a 90% in terms of uniqueness so, obviously, the answer is yes.

Tony Parker’s IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Watch: What do Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, and Tony Parker have in common? Well, they’re all pretty guys but that’s just about it, right? Oh wait, you can also say that these three guys wear the same kind of watch: the IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Watch. Here’s Tony and his IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Watch.

mens iwc portuguese watch tony parker

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