Famous Men With Rolex Watches: Actors, Artists, Astronauts, Athletes

Famous Men With Rolex Watches. Rolex is the watch of choice of our friend Kevin (who, unlike us, has the moolah to pay this expensive Swiss watch) as it is for a lot of famous men and celebrities from Hollywood and elsewhere.

We’ve been blogging about these celebs who love them their Rolex — see Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches — but the list is endless so let’s do another blog post on the matter. Let’s begin with:

Jay-Z aka Shawn Corey Carter: We’ve seen the rap superstar wearing an Audemars Piguet but he obviously likes other timepieces too. In the pic below, Mr. Beyonce is wearing a Rolex Masterpiece.

famous men with rolex watches - jay z

Here’s a closer look at a Rolex Masterpiece:

male celebrities wearing rolex - jay z

Rolex Day-Date Watch for Russell Crowe: The Academy award-winning actor is wearing a Day-Date. The Day-Date is also called the Rolex President in honor of American President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower. Truth be told, we like the sound of Rolex President better. Also, people get confused whether to write it DayDate or Day Date or Day-Date (the correct way).

famous men with rolex - russell crowe day date

Another photo of Russell and his Day-Date.

famous men wearing rolex watch - russell crowe

Astronaut Scott Carpenter’s Rolex Submariner Watch: What watches do astronauts carry up there when they go to outer space? To be honest, we don’t know. But in the case of astronaut Scott Carpenter, he must have carried with him this Rolex Submariner watch he’s wearing in the above below.

famous men with rolex astronaut scott carpenter

More about Scott for the clueless among us: “Scott Carpenter was the second American to orbit the Earth and the fourth American in space, following Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, and John Glenn. Carpenter and Glenn are the last living members of the Mercury Seven.”

Anderson Cooper’s Rolex GMT Master II Watch: Why is our imaginary CNN boyfriend and silver-haired daddy Anderson Cooper looking so serious in this photo? Hey Anderson, a penny for your thoughts? Maybe he is thinking of his “BFF” Benjamin Maisani? Ouch. We are so jealous.

anderson coope rolex watch

Anyhoo Famewatchers who are into celebrity watches, in case you are wondering, our Anderson is wearing a Rolex GMT Master II which may or may not be a gift from his BFF. Hehe. More pics of Anderson and his Rolex GMT Master watch.

what rolex does anderson cooper wear

Hello there, silver daddy!

rolex watch anderson cooper

Rolex President Watch For Arthur Ashe: It’s interesting to see these young and old photos of tennis legend Arthur Ashe wearing his Rolex President watch (aka Rolex Day Date).

famous men with rolex - arthur ashe

Although we were still unborn during Ashe’s active years as a tennis player, we did read a book about him. We are inspired by his story and we have a lot of admiration for his achievements in and out the tennis court.

famous men with rolex tennis arthur ashe

Jonas Brothers Rolex Watches: Their stars may have been eclipsed by Justin Bieber and the Twilight Boys, but the Jonas Brothers still got them their awesome Swiss watches made by the incomparable Rolex SA of Switzerland.

famous men with rolex jonas brothers

Who’s got the best JoBro curly hair?

jonas brothers rolex watch

Do you think these guys will recover their stratospheric fame from two years ago?

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