Hello Kitty Shoes, Dress, Bags: Celebrities With Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Shoes, Dress, Bags: Celebrities With Hello Kitty. You’ve now seen the Hello Kitty underwear for men. No doubt, you also Hayden Panettiere’s Hello Kitty bikini. Now let’s check out Lady Gaga’s Hello Kitty dress as well as her Hello Kitty shoes.

hello kitty shoes

This famous mouthless Japanese cat and the American singer are truly made for each other, don’t you think?

hello kitty shoes lady gaga

Lady Gaga and her Hello Kitty shoes and everything Hello Kitty.

lady gaga hello kitty


Celebrity Fans of Hello Kitty
16 November 2011

Who’d have thunk that Superstar Mariah Carey fan is such a big big fan of Hello Kitty! such that she has a roomful of stuff from the mouthless Japanese cat? We won’t be surprised if her husband Nick Cannon is wearing a Hello Kitty Underwear courtesy of his wife. We won’t also be surprised if Mariah and Nick’s baby will grow up surrounded by the cute pink kitten which would be a good thing because, according to a friend who studied colors, pink has a peaceful calming effect.

hello kitty mariah

Aside from Mariah and Lady gaga, other celebrity fans of Hello Kitty include Paris Hilton (no surprise there), Courtney Love (surprise, surprise), Hayden Panettiere who we earlier blogged about wearing a Hello Kitty two-piece bikini swimsuit [See Hayden Panettiere Underwear], and many others. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Here’s Paris Hilton and her Hello Kitty bag.

hello kitty paris hilton bag

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain rock it out with their Hello Kitty guitars.

celebrities with hello kitty

Child actress turned teen actress Dakota Fanning carries her things in a Hello Kitty bag.

hello kitty bag dakota fanning

Chloe Payne, Michelle Trachtenberg’s character in the now defunct TV show Mercy, wears Hello Kitty clothes.

hello kitty celebrity fans

American celebrities aren’t the only ones who are in love with the Japanese cat. German comedian, actress and singer Mirja Boes loves the cat enough to wear this Hello Kitty shirt.

hello kitty shirt celebrity

Among male celebrities, TV personality Sutan Amrull aka Raja is seen with a Hello Kitty stuff.

raja hello kitty

Raja is the winner of the TV show America’s Next Drag Superstar. He also did make-up/stylist work for our favorite American Idol alumni Adam Lambert as well as Tyra’s hit show, America’s Next Top Model.

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