Ignacio Serricchio Shirtless, Girlfriend, Leather Jackets

Ignacio Serricchio Shirtless, Girlfriend, Leather Jackets. Today in celebrity leather jackets, we bring you the hunky actor Ignacio Serrichio and his fabulous leather jackets. We especially love his orange jacket on Lost in Space and have been trying to find if it is commercially available. Unfortunately, after much searching and not finding anything like it, we’ve come to the conclusion that this orange jacket was specially designed for the show. But if you know a legit store — i.e., not the replica stores — where we can buy one, please do send the info our way!

Ignacio Serricchio lost in space leather jacket

And, here are more leather jackets worn by Ignacio. Our Argentinian hunk really rocks the leather look, doesn’t he?

Ignacio Serricchio hot leather jacket

Ignacio Serricchio moto leather jacket

Ignacio Serricchio leather jacket2

Ignacio Serricchio leather jacket

Aside from Lost in Space, Ignacio has starred in 44 other movies and television shows including Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Zoe Ever After, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Witches of East End, and and daytime soap opera like The Young and The Restless as well as General Hospital. Here’s a younger Ignacio chilling in the pool with General Hospital co-stars Ingo Rademacher and Sebastian Roche.

Ignacio Serricchio gay with General Hospital co stars Sebastian Roche and Ingo Rademacher

Here’s another shirtless pic from General Hospital where he played the role of Diego Alcazar (sometimes Diego Sanchez, you know how soaps are) for three years.

Ignacio Serricchio young general hospital

Because we know you are thirsty, here are more shirtless pics of our Ignacio. From top to bottom: from The Young and the Restless (where he played Detective Alex Chavez), The Bay (as Manny Ramos), and Witches of East End (as Tommy Cole).

Ignacio Serricchio shirtless in the young and the restless

Ignacio Serricchio shirtless in the bay

Ignacio Serricchio shirtless in witches of east end

Next pic is not a shirtless one but tank tops are just as hot especially if worn by a guy who knows how to cook. Haha. Image is from the TV show Wildfire where he guested in one episode.

Ignacio Serricchio young and hot

Ignacio Serricchio Gay or Straight? He went kissy-kissy with a dude in one of his roles but Ignacio is straight and was married to actress Gabrielle Stone. We do not have any information on his relationship status at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the info.

Ignacio Serricchio girlfriend ex wife Gabrielle Stone

Oh, here’s Ignacio and the guy he went kissy-kissy with, David Chocarro in the TV show El Recluso/The Inmate which you can stream on Netflix.

Ignacio Serricchio gay with David Chocarro in el recluso the inmate

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