Blake Shelton Underwear: Does Gay-Kissing Bandit Wear Boxers or Briefs?

Blake Shelton Underwear: Does Gay-Kissing Bandit Wear Boxers or Briefs? Does Blake Shelton wear boxers or briefs? When asked the question on the red carpet at the 2010 CMT Music Awards, he answered that, at the time of the interview, he is wearing neither boxers or briefs but a banana hammock. You, of course, already know that banana hammock is another term for Speedo swimsuits, right? [See: What is a banana hammock?]

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Looking for a picture of Blake Shelton wearing a banana hammock (or boxers or briefs) is like Harry Potter looking for horcruxes; they must be out there but they’re very hard to find. The closest thing to a Blake Shelton underwear we came across the internets is this pair of pink undies which a gutsy and lucky fan brought to Blake for his signature. As you can see in the upper right corner, he did sign this underwear which can be worth thousands on ebay. Hehe.

blake shelton underwear - fan - with signature

Now, although he kinda frustrates his randy fans by not posing in his underwear (or, at the very least, going shirtless in front of the camera), Blake is keeping things interesting by stealing kisses from his man friends. Kinda gay but its not really gay if you are doing it oh-so-publicly as Blake does. If you’ve been watching The Voice, you’d know that his object of affection is no other than Adam Levine [see Adam Levine Underwear] who he tried to kiss during a recent episode of the show. And it ain’t the first time he tried to do that too.

blake shelton gay kiss - adam levine

Actually, Blake has been vocal about his Adam man-crush. Here’s what he said last year about the matter (via Frontiers LA): “All I have to say is, it’s true: I have a man crush on Adam. It blows me away people can pick up on that just by watching that on television. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him so bad. I don’t care if it’s mutual or not. Can you honestly tell me that you don’t have a little bit of a crush on Adam? He’s sexy, is the word I’m using.”

Now, Adam may not be reciprocating Blake’s kissing attempts but other The Voice personalities welcome Blake’s “kissiness”. Like fellow judge Ceelo Green for instance.

blake shelton kiss ceelo green

Host Carson Daly not only welcomes the Blake Shelton kiss but responds with alacrity. On The Lips Too!


Blake tries to steal a kiss from fellow country singer Brad Paisley [see Brad Paisley’s Then] who looks like he’s trying to wriggle out of it.


Luke Bryan has no room to wriggle out of.

blake shelton gay kisses luke bryan on ellen dare

Same goes for Craig Morgan who’s imprisoned by Blake.


For his part, Keith Anderson is like, “Go ahead, kiss me!”


Chris Young is also welcoming.


Oh the other hand, Trace Adkins is like, “Keep your distance, man. We’re just here to sing.”


Meanwhile Jamey Johnson (aka country Jesus) is thinking, “Should I reciprocate or should I throw this drink on his face?”


What would you do fellow Famewatchers when Blake Shelton tries to kiss you?

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