Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend

Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend. Let us add the hunky and curly-haired Canadian cutie that is Steve Byers in our list of Christmas hunks, shall we? Admittedly, he has no Christmas movie this year but he starred in several ones over the past few years. Specifically, his Christmas credits include A Christmas Break, Too Close for Christmas, The Christmas Cure, and Catch a Christmas Star. Here’s Steve looking cute and smiley in The Christmas Cure:

christmas hunks steve byers

Who says you can’t watch a Christmas movie in July? Certainly not the Hallmark Channel. We do not know about a TV channel showing movies out of season but we have to admit that we did watch the first two The Princess Switch movies last March. Hehe. With Netflix and other streaming services, we think the idea of seasonal movies is on its way out, no?

But we are here not to talk about movies but to talk about the hotness of Steve Byers so here are some shirtless pics of the actor. Woof. Woof.

Steve Byers falcon beach basketball shorts

To date, the actor has starred in a total of 72 movies and TV shows. Here are some shirtless scenes from some of said projects (from top to bottom): Immortals (as Heracles), CSI Miami (as Tyle Marr), Amish Abduction (as Jacob), Slasher (as Sgt. Cam Henry), and LA Complex (as Gray Sanders).

Steve Byers gay or straight - immortals with kellan

Steve Byers shirtless csi miami

Steve Byers shirtless daddy amish abduction

Steve Byers shirtless workout in slasher

Steve Byers hot in la complex

What we are most excited about for the actor is his upcoming project, Glow and Darkness, where he will be playing Richard the Lionheart. If we are not mistaken, the show will be streaming on Netflix. Here’s a still photo of Steve as Richard the Lionheart:

Steve Byers richard the lionheart in glow and darkness

Steve Byers Gay or Straight. He is straight and married to wife Jennifer Steede according to his wiki page. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and are the proud parents of two children. Here’s Steve and Jennifer chillin’ together. Awww. Ain’t they cute?

steve byers wife jennifer steede

More Steve Byers Shirtlessness. If this photo of Steve rising from the sea in wet clothes and all does not get you tingling, we don’t know what will. Hehe. Except of course if you are a straight dude!

Steve Byers shirtless at the beach

steve byers underwear peekabo

Steve Byers young and hot body

Steve Byers young falcon beach

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