Hottest Female Golfer in the World: Blair O’Neal?

Hottest Female Golfer in the World? Who is the hottest female golfer in the world? Maybe we should give the title to American golfer Blair O’Neal? After all, she ain’t just a pro golfer. She is also a female model. And, get this, we are not the only ones giving her the accolade as a hot golfer.

For instance, the editors of have included Blair in their list of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf for three years running.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of the lady golfer.

hottest female golfer - blair o neal1

She rocks any color whether blue or red. Hmm, in this election year, does this mean she could either be a Democrat or a Republican?

hottest female golfer - blair o neal21

If the above photos are not enough proof for you that Blair O’ Neal deserves the title as the Hottest Female Golfer in the World, we don’t know the proof you need.

Here are some things we learn about Blair in a recent interview with Jessica Marksbury of

On how she became a model: “I turned professional when I graduated and played a bit in Asia and on the Symetra tour. Then I had an injury — I broke my foot. I had been modeling as a way to pay my expenses, so after I got injured, I decided to take advantage of some other opportunities and put the clubs away. But I never told myself I was quitting forever.”

On her comeback after five years: “When I would play sporadically [during my modeling years], I would play great, and I remember thinking, Why am I not playing professionally? But getting the call from Golf Channel to go on “Big Break” is really what spurred me back into playing competitive golf.”

On the importance of fitness: “I’ve been working out a lot. I do a lot of exercises geared toward golf that have been helping me both on and off the course. It’s just something you have to do as a professional. You want to be in your best shape, and it’s also about longevity in the sport. I’m definitely seeing improvement.”

So there you have it Famewatchers! What do you think of our pick for the hottest female golfer in the world? Good choice, no?

Hottest Female Golfer in the World: Blair O’Neal?
Posted 21 June 2016. Last updated: July 1, 2020 at 7:22 am.