Hot MLB Players – Shirtlessness Department – Part III

Hot MLB Players – Shirtlessness Department – Part III. One of the rising stars of today’s MLB is Japanese baller Yu Darvish, starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

yu darvish underwear - baseball

All the girls we know want to jump in bed with Yu!

yu darvish shirtless in bed - texas rangers

Are you a fan of men covered with tattoos? What do you think of Kyle Farnsworth‘s tattoos? Not bad, huh? Kyle is a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.

hot mlb players Kyle Farnsworth shirtless and tattoos - mlb pitcher

Is Matt Kemp the sluttiest guy in baseball or what? If he is, he sure has the goods to back up his sluttiness. And, truth be told, we love love love us our man-sluts. Hehe. This multi-awarded baller currently plays as an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

hot mlb players Matt kemp shirtless baseball player

Hey, look who’s looking like the long-haired Jesus? It’s Nick Swisher of the Cleveland Indians. Niiiiceee.

hot mlb players Nick Swisher New York Yankees

The next pic below is probably the most famous photo of a shirtless baseball player. Why so? Because it usually comes up on Google Images that’s why. Who’s he, you ask? That’s Pat “Pat the Bat” Burrell. Two-time World Series champion (2008, 2010) and 1998 Golden Spikes Award winner. He last played for the San Francisco Giants during the 2010–2011 season.

hot mlb players pat burrell shirtless

A retired baseball player who managed to find a lucrative and successful career after baseball is Ron Gant, the current co-host of “Good Day Atlanta” on WAGA-TV. The two-time All Star last MLB appearance was with the Oakland Athletics in 2003.

Ron Gant shirtless - outfielder - now host of good day atlanta

Hey look, it’s our first shirtless and underwear photo courtesy of three-time All Star Russell Martin. The Canadian hottie is apparently also a model for Dylan Ribkoff underwear. When he is not modeling underpants, our Russell is catching fastballs for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Russell Martin underwear - baseball catcher

Speaking of Canadian hotties, here’s another one and he’s kinda showing us his underwear too: Rich Harden. Rich is the pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. He is one of the very few Major League Baseball pitchers who have struck out three batters on nine pitches. Go check out the list on wikipedia.

rich harden shirtless - underwear showing

Our next shirtless baseballer below is a guy named Ryan Braun. Apparently, there are two Ryan Brauns in the world of major league baseball. One is a pitcher whose career has been limited by injury and another is an outfielder whose got tons of awards to his name and who currently plays for the Milwaukee Brewers. The guy below is, if we are not mistaken, the Milwaukee Brewers guy.

Ryan Braun shirtless baseball player

The last but not the least in our list of hot MLB players would be the duo of Ángel Pagán and Sergio Romo. Both play for the San Francisco Giants. Sergio is a closing pitcher while Angel is an outfielder. Are we the only ones tempted to say, “Angel and Sergio sitting on a tree”. They look good together, don’t they? Hehe.

shirtless sf giants baseballers - ANGEL PAGAN AND SERGIO ROMO

So who of these sexy shirtless baseballers is your favorite? Want more baseball hunks? Go check out San Francisco Giants’ Brian Wilson in His Underwear.

Hot MLB Players – Shirtlessness Department – Part III. Posted in Baseball Hunks. Posted 2 February 2015. Updated 17 June 2017.

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