Hot Men in Jeans: Male Model and Celebrity Denim Fashion

Hot Men in Jeans. Looking for some hot sexy guys in jeans without their shirts? Well, here’s some of the sexiest denim-wearing shirtless hunks we found across the internets. We begin with American male model Travis Hanson. We actually blogged about him before. If you want to see him unzip his tight jeans, check out our post on Travis Hanson as the sexiest male underwear model.

hot men in jeans travis hanson

Now, another guy who looks hot in his jeans is male model Cody Blackford.

hot men in jeans cody blackford

He’s a cutie, no? Let’s see him unbutton his blue jeans. Oops, we are not going to go that far. Hehe. But here’s Cody, still shirtless we must say, in a faded distressed denim jeans.

hot men in jeans 2017

He’s got a cute smile, eh? We bet Cody tops our friend Kevin’s list of favorite hot guys in jeans.

Now, if you’re looking for hot guy in jeans model with a well-defined chiseled body, then here’s Brazilian model Rafael Alencar for you. Would you agree that he is a Tom Hanks look-alike? Our friend Deena thinks so and we think she’s right. We think its his eyes that makes him most resemble the Hollywood actor.

hot guys in jeans rafael alencar

Don’t ask us why he’s posing like this. Maybe he’s waiting for a spanking or something.

hot guys in jeans list 2017

Now, let’s have some shirtless celebrities in jeans, shall we? Here’s our favorite reality star Brody Jenner posing like the male slut that he is in his hippy jeans. Did we just call Brody a slut? Haha. Of course, he is. But he’s our slut so we’re all good, right?

brody jenner hot guys in jeans

Speaking of slutty but hot men in jeans, here’s Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe giving Brody a tough competition for the title of “King of Denim Man Sluts”. From an earlier post we wrote about Jesse:

hot men in jeans unzipped jesse metcalfe

Isn’t Jesse Metcalfe a gift for those of you who are fans of slutty men in jeans? Oh sure, yes he is. If we had the power, we would pair him up with this farmer boy who, like Jesse, isn’t averse to lying down in his jeans and giving the “come pull down my jeans” look. More Jesse in jeans below.

hot guys in jeans and shirt - jesse metcalfe

That’s it for now fellow DenimWatchers, we hope you enjoyed our post on hot men in jeans.

Originally posted 20 August 2009. Updated 6 February 2017.