Men Hairy Chest List: 10 Hottest and Best Chest Hair in the World!!!

Men Hairy Chest List. Who among you fellow Famewatchers love them some hot men with hairy chest? We here at the Famewatching team are evenly when it comes to body hair. Kevin wants them shaved and waxed and smoothed and whatever it is that some men (we’re looking at you millenials) are doing to not be hirsute. Yours truly is a fan of hairiness. While, Deena, for her part has no preference. To use her own words, “she likes men as they are whether they have chest hair or not”.

Anyhoo, here’s our list of the Top Ten Men Hairy Chest List. If there’s a guy (famous or not) who you think belongs to this list, do tell in the comments.

Let’s begin our list with a Famewatcher favorite — rugby player Ben Cohen. We fell in love with him 7-8 years ago when we were starting this blog and we are still love, love, loving him. And why not, he’s got one of the best chest hair in the world after all.

men hairy chest list top ten

Chris Bailey. If British rugby player Ben Cohen is our imaginary husband, Aussie male model Chris Bailey is our imaginary husband #2.

hot men hairy chest list - chris bailey

Felipe Simao is a hawt guy from Brazil.

hot men hairy chest - felipe simao brazilian

Jacob Burton poses for Paper Magazine. Photo by Rodolfo Martinez. Dayuummm. Please tell us we’re not the only one who wants to rip off them jacket and shirt.

men hairy chest - jacob burton for paper mag by rodolfo martinez

Josh Wald. American male model Josh Wald has the chiseled washboard abs that goes with his hirsuteness.

hot men with hairy chest - josh wald

Nyle DiMarco. How hawt is Nyle DiMarco? Damn! We gotta admit that this photo of the America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant is actually what prompted us to do this writeup on famous men with hairy chest. So Nyle is the guy you should thank for this post.

hot guys with hairy chest - nyle dimarco antm

Olly Murs. When he is not busy promoting his music or hosting the X Factor UK, Olly Murs is posing for magazines and stuff.

hot guys with hairy chest - olly murs

Ricky Martin. This hunk singer is proof that men can grow sexier as they grow older. What a daddy! [Want more Ricky? Go check out our post on Ricky Martin’s Underwear.]

hot men with hairy chest - ricky martin

Robin Causse. This handsome French actor has the hairiest chest of them all.

hot guys with hairy chest - robin causse - french actor

Simon Dunn. This gay Aussie bobsledder who’s currently based in Calgary has been named as the Hottest Man in the World 2015 by readers of Attitude Magazine. Good pick, no?

men hairy chest best list - simon dunn

So, do you have a favorite in our men hairy chest list?

Men Hairy Chest List published 29 November 2015. Updated 6 February 2017.