Hot Girls Smoking Cigars: Famous Female Cigar Aficionados?

Hot Girls Smoking Cigars. Of course guys are not the only ones who smoke cigars. Some girls love them their cigars too. In fact, our friend Kevin tells us that his grandmama who lives in an island somewhere in the Pacific is a cigar aficionado. Okay, maybe not an aficionado because we don’t know what that means technically — do they have to smoke cigar everyday? Do they have to try different brands? Do they have to have a Cuban cigar? — but Kevin says his grandma picked up the habit of smoking cigars when all her children left the nest and flew to the good old U.S. of A.

So in honor of Kevin’s grandma, we came up with a list of Ten Hollywood Hot Girls Smoking Cigars. It’s complementary to an earlier post on Hot Guys Smoking Cigars which you should also check out. Anyhoo, let’s start our list with:

Aisha Tyler. Hey look, The Talk’s Aisha Tyler loves her some cigar. And she’s really smoking it too. Surely cigars may not be that bad, if an Ivy League grad like Aisha likes ’em, no?

hot girls smoking cigars - aisha tyler

Angelina Jolie. Ahh! Angelina. You are smoking and smoking hot. Now, before you Angelina haters criticize her for this act despite her cancer scare, you should know that this pic was taken way before said scare.

hot girls smoking cigars - angelina jolie

Beyonce. We wonder what Wendy Williams will say about this. Hehe.

hot girls smoking cigars - beyonce

Brande Roderick. Of course cowgirls want to lit up their cigs too!

hot girls smoking cigars - brande roderick

Brigitte Bardot. This image of Brigitte is proof that Hollywood hot girls smoking cigars is not a new thing but actually dates back to the days of yore.

hot girls smoking cigars - brigitte bardot

Demi Moore. Of all the images of hot girls smoking cigars, this Demi photo is our favorite because it is a perfect combination of badassness and sexiness.

hot girls smoking cigars - demi moore

Dita Von Teese. Dita is a very controlled puffer. Much respect, girlfriend!

hot girls smoking cigars - dita von teese

Gena Gershon. Aww. Is she our first Hollywood female cigar aficionado?

hot girls smoking cigars - gena gershon

Jennifer Lopez. This looks oh-so-funny and very un-JLo.

hot girls smoking cigars - jennifer lopez

Raquel Welsh. We end this post with another Cigar Aficionado cover girl, the gorgeous beaut that is Raquel Welch.

hot girls smoking cigars - raquel welsh2

So who of these hot girls smoking cigars is your favorite? Ours would be Angelina, Brigitte, and Demi. Three favorites! What about you?