Straight Men Making Out With Each Other for Marriage Equality

Straight Men Making Out With Each Other. After we published our earlier post on straight guys kissing, we came across this article on Brazilian actors Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro who surprised TV viewers when they made out on live TV to support the LGBT community and to protest homophobia.

Pink News has the details:

Two of Brazils biggest actors kissed live on TV on Thursday – dedicating their embrace to all of the “macho card carriers.” Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro locked lips at Brazil’s annual GQ Men of The Year Awards in Rio De Janeiro.

Gagliasso later shared the picture of himself and de Castro on Instagram – before explaining the reason behind the kiss.

The actor – who has a long history of supporting LGBT rights in the country – said that the men wanted to use the awards as an opportunity to challenge the nation’s views on what it means to “macho.”

He dedicated the kiss to “all the macho card-carriers, hypocritical and prejudiced”, before saying he wanted to show that there was nothing with “showing our affection and love” for another man. [Pink News]

Here’s the photo of The Kiss of the Two Hot Brazilian Straight Guys Making Out:

straight men making out - Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro

Now, for those of you who say “VIDS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!”, well we have a video version of the event too. Watch:

And here’s another video of the two straight men making out with each other

Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro may be two of the more famous celebrities to make out in order to support LGBT rights. However, the Straight Men Making Out for Gay Rights Movement (yeah, we’re calling it a movement) has been very visible this year after Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis hogged the headlines for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Huffington Posts reports on how the #KissesForKim hashtag came to be:

Comedians from The Other Stuff don’t want to send negativity or hate toward Kim Davis, but rather messages of love and tolerance. So they started a campaign where people — straight, gay, bisexual, whatever orientation — plant one on a friend, loved one, consenting stranger, whomever, then post the photos using #KissesForKim.

When it comes to fighting intolerance, this is about killing it with kindness, along with some comedy involving heavily bearded dudes — and that’s exactly how the creators intended it.

“There’s a lot of hate being thrown around,” comedian Matt Ott, who wrote and created the video for the campaign along with Jericho Davidson and Mike Albanese and identifies as straight, told The Huffington Post in an interview. “I think there’s a way to address people that you disagree with that can be civil. This is hopefully fun and civil.”

Here’s a video of the two straight guys making out:

And here are some #KissesForKim photos uploaded by straight allies:

straight men making out - kisses for kim

Banana-aided straight men making out:

straight men making out - kisses for kim2

Finally, here’s our last photo of straight men making out with each other.


Props to you good people! May you continue to support the rights of your fellow citizens of the world!!!